Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Well as I am very much into the spirit of things and have had a busy few weeks in the run up to Christmas,plenty of seasonal beatings for the lucky ones that HAVE successfully managed to get a session booked in with me and for those that havn't..well..better luck next year!!
So all that is left to say,before my final mad dash for the last bit of shopping,is..
I wish you ALL a very merry KISSMYASS!!lol!!
ha ha..
Sadistic Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap

Thursday, 17 December 2009


After looking on the Cruella website the other day I was pleased to see a few of my first ever movies(where I was formerly known as Mistress Nikki),starring alongside good friend Mistress Vixen and my other good friend Mistress Hannah.They are available to download,so do go and have a perv at our day at the quarry..Oh what memories and fun times we had on the Cruella shoots!I wonder where all the outakes are?Hmm I may have to look into that one!
Anyway I do have things to do,so go make yourselves busy and have a look at myself,Mistress Vixen and Mistress Hannah in action!
Princess Anuska xx
UK Mistress Kidnap

Saturday, 12 December 2009

UK MISTRESS KIDNAP (Princess Anuska)

Wednesdays..boring for most..middle of the week..neither here nor there..unless of course you are me!
What better way to brighten up your midweek by abducting some pathetic excuse for a human being,subjecting them to a little punishment,humiliation,whilst also giving them an educational lesson in the art of respect.
All I can say is that after being forced to strip in front of me,tied down,blindfolded and repeatedly spanked,whipped and caned,my victim was videoed throughout!That indeed only added to my perverse satisfaction,besides which,I do like to keep a trophy of my outstanding efforts!!
I must say my performance was outstanding!Unfortunately my victim needs a few more lessons when it comes to performing in front of the camera..but don't worry..that HAS already been arranged!
Princess Anuska
(UK Mistress Kidnap)
Make sure you check my Princess Anuska(SADISTIC PRINCESS) website where I may put on a few clips from my actual abductions!I bet a few of you are twitching abit over that now arn't you!lol!
Well either that or I can send them off to "You've been framed" so the whole nation can have a little chuckle at your expense!!
Till the next time..keep dreaming!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

UK MISTRESS KIDNAP (Mistress Anuska)

Ooh it's that time again people!Hell yes I feel a kidnap coming on!Look over your shoulder and keep a tight grip on your balls because I'm coming to get YOU!Ha unlucky soul is in for a bit of the Sadistic Princess treatment,so do be extra vigilant when out and about tommorrow but remember..resistance is useless!Plus no-one likes a drama queen!(unless of course it's me)
In fact the best thing for you to do is to come saves hassle(e.g me breaking a sweat or in a worst case scenario..A NAIL)..mind you either way you would be punished severely but you all know that anyway,so whilst I go and carefully plan the important details of tommorrows abduction(e.g what to wear!lol)
I'll bid you all a good night!
Sleep well,as tommorrow night you may not be rewarded with such a luxury!

Sadistic Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Evening all,
Well I had no choice but to once again summon the same disobedient,naughty and obviously very cocky little boy(who was incidently in my office two weeks ago)back to see me for a further review of his consistantly bad and disruptive behaviour!
I was not best pleased,so decided to take him along to a place where the really exceptional cases go,for a very strict disciplinary with Mistress.Depending on how severe the case is,they may be forced to stay the night under strict supervision, suffer prolonged periods of harsh punishment,endure being put in isolation,humiliated in front of other members of staff and stripped of any basic human rights.
Yes that's right..I took him to see Mistress Hellena,although she did not want to waste her evening having to deal with such an incompitent fool,in which I don't really blame her,so I severly punished him and then left him there..all alone..with no-one to talk to or communicate with..
Hopefully that will give him time to reflect on his behaviour but we shall see what the foolish boy has to say for himself in the morning!!
It's rather chilly tonight,mind you his arse was very warm to say the least,and it was a nice shade of bright red too when I left,so I'm sure the heat penetrating from that will give off sufficient warmth till at least the morning!
Oh well a nice big bed for me to crawl into!
Goodnight one and all but I'm quite sure not all will sleep well,I'm very sure I will though!lol!
Princess Anuska xx
Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Evening all,
Once again I am very disappointed by a particular student of mine that does NOT seem to be learning his lesson.With reports coming to me from other members of staff that this cheeky,unruly,foolhardy and obviously very stupid little boy continues to flaunt the rules,therefore giving me no alternative but to extract him from his normal lessons and put him into isolation!
After giving him a little time to stand in the corner and assess his current behaviour,I came to the conclusion that my usual methods of punishment for this particular individual were obviously not having the desired effect.
On this occasion I decided that maybe a harsher form of punishment was in order,one that would hopefully leave a permanent mark.
You will be pleased to know that the particular individual DID leave my office very much with his tail between his legs AND with plenty to think about in the event of him being sent to me AGAIN!
And if there are any more naughty boys who need to be reminded of the rules..then you can ALL make an orderly queue and wait for Mistress to deal with you individually!
Princess Anuska

Saturday, 31 October 2009


Evening one and all,
Well I have had a very full week as it goes,nothing new there then!As you all know I visited The Manchester Dungeon on Thursday,caught up with all the dungeon gossip and saw a few friendly faces.Of course there was Mistress Julia,Madame Firefly,Mistress Sheba and Mistress Teresa.Tiffany the slut was also there on hand (and knees) to cater for all the Mistresses needs and there were a few random bodies hanging around..not literally although I was at The Manchester Dungeon and it has been known!!Unfortunately Sissy Barbara was not in attendance much to my dismay,but I am sure she will be in again soon to entertain us all.
I will be available at The Manchester Dungeon one day a week,it may vary from week to week but I will keep you informed both on this blog and of course the dungeon blog as to what that day will be.This coming week I will be in on Monday and possibly Wednesday.
Mistress Julia has also invited me to the Rubbered Up North which is next Saturday the 7th of November (links can be found at the end of my blog)
If that isn't exciting enough she then informed me that she is hosting an exclusive afterparty at The Manchester Dungeon for invited guests only to extend their playtime a little longer and later on into the night.
It is ticket and guest invite ONLY!So if you havn't been summoned by Mistress Julia then I'm guessing..
Oh and did I forget to mention that Skin Two magazine will be there doing a feature on the dungeon!!!
Well for all of those lucky enough to be on the special list..I'll see you next Sat.. for all of those who arn' can sit at home on your bill and watch Saturday night X-Factor!!
Princess Anuska xx
07752 193801
Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap
The Manchester Dungeon
Rubbered Up North
Skin Two

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Just a quick reminder to you all that I will be at The Manchester Dungeon tomorrow(Thursday 29th Oct)for a little party.I spoke to Mistress Julia earlier today and it sounds like there should be plenty to do and watch..hmm looks like it's going to be random!!Nothing new there then for The Manchester Dungeon!To add to my already overwhelming excitement I've heard on the grapevine that the ever so talented Sissy Barbara will be making an appearance!For those of you that have had the pleasure of meeting Sissy Barbara you will indeed grasp my anticipation to see what carefully comprised production she has to deliver tomorrow..for those who havn't met her..well unlucky!
So while I go grab myself some popcorn and secure my front row seat..I will leave you with my new mobile number..and remember..USE do not ABUSE!
Princess Anuska
07752 193801

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Evening all,
As you all should know I am re-launching my Mistress Anuska site very soon,new pix,new PHONE NUMBER!!I will have a new number on which you are allowed to contact me,if you are lucky I will answer,but if I am unable to answer personally then leave a message and I will do my best to return your call as soon as I am available.My new number will be posted on Mondays blog.Also I would like to add that due to the high number of emails I recieve, sometimes it is extremely hard for me to personally reply to every single one.Do be patient!
Princess Anuska x
Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap

Friday, 23 October 2009


Well hello!
Yes I am BACK after months of travelling,photoshoots and video shoots for my new site.I can't begin to imagine how much you have all missed me!Now I'm not going to sit here and waste my time telling you exactly what is going on my new site,I would rather let you wait a little you know,I always do things in very much my own time!lol!
I will be at The Manchester Dungeon next Thursday the 29th of Oct for one of Mistress Julias parties.I'm not going to say any more on that because if you have ever been to one of Mistress Julias parties before,you will know that anything goes and it always ends up as a free for all anyway!I am rather looking forward to it!
Anyway after two days with my trusty London slave I am rather tired so I am going to leave you.
So many little time!!
Be good!!
Princess Anuska

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Well one and all,my flights are booked,my luxury accomodation has been paid for and I havn't even lifted a finger!Yes I am travelling to Barbados on the 13th of May and as it should be it will be first class all the way,I mean that literally too!Only the best for the Princess as you know and seen asthough the flights will be around 8-8 and a half hours,my slave thought it only right to book first class British Airways seats to ensure the upmost relaxing and pleasant flight available.How spoilt am I!LOL!What can I say..apart from well..I am worth it!I will ensure there are plenty of toys in my bag,so let's just hope I get through customs alright!If not I am sure I will brighten up someones day if they choose to search me!
Be good!
Mistress Anuska aka The Sadistic Princess.
Princess Anuska.
UK Mistress Kidnap.

Friday, 27 March 2009


Well as Friday draws to a close I can honestly say that my day has been quite fulfilling from the beginning.Early this morning I met up with my ever loyal slave of whom travels every week,up North to see me from London.Well there was no gentle introduction to the CP session let me tell you!lol!Under strong guidance from the Princess my slave is gathering me quite a lovely collection of CP impliments,of which I of course test out on his poor little arse.I decided not to bother too much with the warm up to todays session,so therefore left my submissive with an extremely sore and bruised backside.I can't imagine the trip back down to London was very comfortable but hey that's what the Princess thrives on after all..inflicting pain and seeing the consequences of her actions.I will leave you with some pictures of the implments I used today and then tomorrow I will show you what harm they can cause..oh do let it be a lesson to you all!
Have a pleasant evening.
Mistress Anuska aka The Sadistic Princess.
Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap

Friday, 6 March 2009


Hello one and all,
Well busy as usual and I have got lots to tell you but I think I will keep you all in a little suspense as usual.(I said suspense not suspension!!Although I know most of you would like that!)You know me I don't like to give too much away.I will be very busy over the next few months filming and doing shoots but I will keep you posted if I require any of you to accompany me for shoots or for videos.
I had two lovely gifts bought for me yesterday off my ever loyal naughty boy from London.I will post pictures of them later but as you will see,only the best is good enough for The Princess!
Well it's a lovely day so I think a little shopping is in order,I may decide to take one of my lucky sissy's with me as I feel a little public humiliation may brighten my day up even more.
I'll let you know later the outcome of my days amusing escapades.
Bye for now xx
The Princess (Mistress Anuska)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Yes one and all just to let you know that I will be at The Manchester Dungeon all day today.UK Mistress Kidnap will be on the loose again tomorrow in Huddersfield so I will keep you updated on how that goes.Just log on to my UK Mistress Kidnap site by clicking here.Also make sure you have a look on my Sadistic Princess site where I will be putting up some new galleries that should be up by the latest tomorrow.Click here to see the site.
If you would like to book a session with either UK Mistress Kidnap or The Sadistic Princess then phone me on tel:07772 308063 or you can phone The Manchester Dungeon to see what appointments I have available left for this week.Don't forget I am not in tomorrow(Thursday)but I will be back in on Fri,Sat and possibly Sunday.
Mistress/Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap
Princess Anuska
The Manchester Dungeon

Monday, 16 February 2009


Yes all I will be available all of this week at The Manchester Dungeon.I once again did some more filming at the Dungeon this weekend this time for another website of which I will give you details of in my next blog.I will be teaming up with Mistress Ice this week for some Double Domme sessions and I also have a female submissive that will be with me this week aswell.Do give me a ring if you want to book a session on tel:07772 308063 or if you can't get through to me personally on that number then do try to get hold of me by ringing the Manchester Dungeon on tel:01612 806092.
Mistress/Princess Anuska

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Hi all,
Yes the day has come for The Manchester Dungeon party and what fun it should be!There will be plenty to do and lots of Mistresses on hand to become aquainted with and maybe even have the chance to session with later on today.I will be arriving at some point today so make sure you are on your hands and knees when greeting me..or you may courtesy if you prefer.
Princess Anuska

Sunday, 8 February 2009


Well after a hard days filming I am completely knackered so I'm not going to harp on about it,all I am I going to say is that everything went really well,loads of footage,lots of pictures,oodles of rubber and plenty pvc!
I bet you wish you had been a fly on the wall at The Manchester Dungeon today..O well..UNLUCKY!!
You will just have to wait for the footage to go on the Latexgirls website but in the mean time..yes the MEAN time I'm going to be mean and only let you have a quick preview of 1 of the shots taken today during filming.Unfortunately this was taken on the Princesses pissy little camera which got covered in Latex shine spray on the lens,so the pic did not come out as well as I had have hoped!Fear not cameraman did take alot more on his camera and will be forwarding these on to me shortly.Enjoy!!
P.s don't forget The Manchester Dungeon party on the 11th which is this coming Wed!I will be there but if you require a private session beforehand I will be there all day tomorrow and Tuesday.
Mistress/Princess Anuska.

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Tomorrow I will be happy to once again be working with Latexgirls,I will be filming at the Manchester Dungeon and I will keep you posted on when you can see the up coming preview that will be available in the near future on the website..but in the mean time have a good look at the site where you will see previews of myself and other fetish models in latex,pvc and other figure hugging tight,shiny outfits that will fulfill all your perverse fantasies!For now anyway!!
Be good and happy perving!!
Don't forget to have a look at my Princess Anuska site that I have just worked hard on changing round and given a new look to..hope you like it!!
Mistress/Princess Anuska

Friday, 6 February 2009


Hi all!!
Well just to two things on my quick blog this morning,firstly just to let you know that I will be in Manchester at The Manchester Dungeon today,tomorrow and Sunday,although I will be filming on Sunday for one of my favourite websites LatexgirlsHD where you may have already seen me featured before in one of my rubber outfits.If you havn't then click here and you can have a look at myself and some of the other gorgeous girls featured on the site.
The next thing is that The Manchester Dungeon is hosting a party at the Dungeon where there will be not only myself but a number of other equally stunnning Mistresses to serve on that day.My good friend Mistress Julia tells me this is a party not to be missed and as it is The Manchester Dungeon I am under no doubt that this will be the Norths most exclusive and unforgettable parties so far this year!!So for more details click here to go to The Manchester Dungeon website.
You know how the Princess loves to party so make sure you have a look and keep that date free in your diaries as this is one event NOT to be missed!!
Also I am in need of a slave to serve me on that day..all I am saying is that the kind of slave I am in need of for that particular day will have to be obedient(of course),be able to do anything I require(LOL!)and isn't afraid of a little cheesy humiliation.
Don't send me your CV's just ring me or speak to Mistress Julia directly to submit yourself and put yourself forward for this unique position for the day of the party.
Much appreciated..
Mistress/Princess Anuska.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Far from the shores of the Red Sea it seems when I look out of my window but hey I love the snow!Hopefully all will be back to normal tomorrow,as my slave works long in to the night and ensure my car has a route through the snow so I can make to to The Manchester Dungeon tomorrow.So fear not I will(and do keep your fingers crossed) be available for sessions all day and for the rest of the week in Manchester.
Unfortunately even though I did travel down to London with Mistress Vixen last Thursday I did not make it to Club Pedestal.Your Princess was not very well and had to return the next day although the hotel on Buckingham Palace Road (kindly provided by one of my very regular slaves) was amazing,and really I could have rested there a few more days if I am totally honest..
Anyway the best thing to do is to ring the Dungeon to see what times I am available..
Good Luck xx
Mistress/Princess Anuska
Sadistic Princess
UK Mistress Kidnap
The Manchester Dungeon

Monday, 26 January 2009


Good evening all,
Well your UK Mistress Kidnap had another victim brought to the dungeon on Sat after he was snatched from the streets of Bury by two of my stunning accomplices.It was brilliantly executed and the helpless individual didn't know what had hit him..and I do actually mean that literally!lol!
Anyway I decided to release him after a few hours and he made his way back to..wherever it was he came from!
In the mean time I am still available at The Manchester Dungeon every day this week for all those who may want an appointment ring the dungeon or attempt to get through on my phone which is 07772 308063(good luck)!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.
Sadistic Princess
UK Mistress Kidnap

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Hi all,
I will be at the Manchester Dungeon today and all next week so don't forget to book in preferably by ringing the dungeon itself as I am in the process of getting a new phone as I am having too many problems with my current one.I should have another number by either the end of today or by the latest on Monday.
Anyway I am at the Manchester Dungeon now and have slaves waiting so until you hear from me later..
Be good..or you WILL be punished!!
Mistress/Princess Anuska

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Hi all!!
Well I'm back from my relaxing break in Egypt and I had a wonderful time,so now that I am completely rejuvenated,I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.So all you pathetic specimens who are in need of punishment had better get in in touch as I am itching to get my rubber,pvc and leather on to dish out some real Princess torture!Now if you think you can handle any form of punishment that I am willing to give out then step forward,but be warned the Sadistic Princess will be taking prisoners this week so do be prepared.I will be available in Manchester this week so if you can't manage to speak with me personally then do ring Mistress Julia at The Manchester Dungeon and you will be given appointment times and days that I will be available.That is if you are lucky!
Be Good!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.
Sadistic Princess
UK Mistress Kidnap

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Hi all,
Just a quickie to let you all know that I will be available at The Manchester Dungeon again today,there will also be other Mistresses available for those who may want a double session with myself and one of the other Goddesses.Also there will be a Master making a suprise visit today,one of whom has proved to be very popular in the past..although I think he may just be popping in to show his face and maybe have a quick play but I'm sure I'll be able to persuade him to pose for photo that I can put on my blog for later..
Have a nice day!
Princess Anuska.

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Good evening to you all,
Now that the new year is well and truly here as I said in my last blog I will be beginning my new year at The Manchester Dungeon as of tomorrow,I will be available right up until the 11th of January.I will then be travelling to Egypt on the 12th which will mean I am away for my birthday on the 14th(all presents and gifts gratefully received by the way!)which will mean I will return home on the 19th.
To book an appointment or to check available times then either ring me on tel:07772 308063 or ring The Manchester Dungeon itself on tel:0161 7620051.
In the mean time be good if not then be prepared to be punished!
Don't forget to have a look at my other sites..
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.