Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Memories of Mistress Nikki

Hope everyone is having a good week!I've been through some of my old pictures from my early days as Mistress Nikki..for those of you who recognise me or for those who are a little bewildered and haven't got a clue as to what the hell i'm going on about then take a look at the pictures i've dragged up from my archive collection.

For those who didn't recognise me in my former glory as Supreme Cruella Goddess Mistress Nikki then here are a few pictures from around 3years ago when I first started out so ENJOY and i'll see what else I can drag up to form a gallery for all my old pictures so you can compare my old and new pix.

Keep checking my galleries for picture updates and i'll post my schedule for the coming weeks in my next blog.

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Mistress Anuska xx

Thursday, 24 April 2008


Myself and Mistress Jaydee carried out a successfull kidnapping last week!

Our mission was to capture,torture and intimidate!

The first stages of the operation were to go to a Hotel where we knew our victim would be staying,we had to enter the establishment discreetly unnoticed under a sea of cameras and security,we did this with no suspicion aroused and proceeded to the room of where we knew he would be naively unnaware of our forthcoming assault.

I knocked on the door and Mistress Jaydee lay in wait until the signal was given to enter when the coast was clear and the hostage was disabled.

This was done with ease and the unsuspecting victim was stripped,blindfolded and gagged so we could control,tease and torture him.

We held him overnight where we took advantage of his distinct vulnerability and inflicted him to a constant barrage of questions and a list of our demands that included a room service request of wine and strawberries of which we made him order and retrieve from the door himself.

It was humerous how whoever brought the room service was completely unaware of anything that was going on behind that face that appeared at the door with a nervous,needy smile that you could almost see had images flashing before him contemplating if his slim chances of escape would work,but as he retrieved the tray he turned and shut the door behind him as he realized that any form of escape attempts would have been virtually impossible.

We eventually secured and tied the weary hostage in the bathroom and we took to our more comfortable sleep arrangement of the very large bed.

In the morning we gave him his clothes after awakening him loudly by banging on the door,got our things together and successfully and with still no suspicion aroused got our hostage into the car on the back seat,laid down,blindfolded and onto our next location which he was to spend the entire day being mentally and physically used for our sadistic pleasure.

We got to the Manchester Dungeon and dumped him in the garage where he was once again stripped and moved to a room where he would spend the awaiting hours in the hands of the Mistresses!

Later in the day when he was finally released he must have realized that unfortunately for him,underestimating Myself and Mistress Jaydee was something of a mistake and something he was made never to forget and will look back on nervously for the rest of his sad little meaningless life..


If you interested in a scenario or roleplay along these lines or for more info drop me an email at: or ring me on tel:07772 308063..

You can also visit Mistress Jaydee's site or phone The Manchester Dungeon itself to make a polite request..

As always a picture for your perverted eyes to ponder..

Mistress Anuska xx

Monday, 21 April 2008


Hello all!!

Another day at the office..

Life is a bitch isn't it???

Talking of bitches..Tiffany the ever so obedient slave was in today at The Manchester Dungeon doing the chosen chores allocated,by the end of the day before being sent back to the outside normalality(boring!!)provided us with a Tiffany style version of the song D.I.S.C.O.

Although the effort was there the tuning was slightly off..good effort Tiffany,God loves a tryer but don't place your bets on the X Factor hun!!

Well not alot went on apart from work so not alot to tell you but tomorrow is a new day and who knows what it may bring..

I'll let you know but for now the Lash we went to will be in the Gallery shortly so have a look for that and some new Gallery pictures will be entered this week as promised so keep checking and i'll post tomorrow with my thoughts and news of the days events..

Also myself and another Mistress did a kidnapping that i'll tell you all about..but not now as i'd rather let you wait..LOL!!why??because I CAN!!

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Mistress Anuska xx

Monday, 14 April 2008

LASH it UP!!

LASH!!what a night!!In fact what a weekend!!

Where do I start??Well as usual and in true Manchester Goddess style we all met up in force at Mistress Julias house..we invited some incredibly lucky slaves to run around getting us drinks and generally used and abused until we decided that we had left our public waiting long enough..along with our vast entourage and the most intimidating set of Mistresses we made our way in a huge convoy down to Club Lash that was by the way celebrating its 10th birthday!!

We made our usual Grande entrance and hit the bar..(not literally!!)although there was a nice young barman who kept trying to make eye contact with me but I refrained myself for once as I didn't want to overexcite myself too soon!!LOL!!I wouldn't have minded quickly whipping him over my knee and giving his rather sweet little arse a nice friendly warm up before things really got going for the night..anyway I left him alone and we all headed towards the dancefloor..Well it took around 3minutes for the dancefloor to suddenly clear as we entered and everybody just seemed to move further..and further..and well it just ending up looking like an exclusive VIP area just for Mistresses,personal slaves or close associates of THE MANCHESTER DUNGEON..well with that we took full advantage of the situation and stepped up the party in true MANCHESTER DUNGEON style..our slaves don't get out much so with little encouragement we all stepped back and let our two resident sissy's take over in what looked like a dance off between Britney Spears famous in his own right Mandy(you can follow the rise of Mandy on Mistress Julias and also The Manchester Dungeons blogs)..Mistress Julia and I went shopping for Mandys outfit which may I add for once we did all try make the effort to conform to the themed dress code of 'purple'..everybody looked stunning but Mandys outfit out purpled everyone!!It was an original one off piece customised and created by Mistress Julia herself..

What can I say??the focus was on them as they made the most of the vast space of dance area and whilst Tanya was seductively capturing the audience by making the most of the post/pole by spinning round it and rubbing herself against it like a true slut but by this time THE PURPLE PANTS OF POWER were off and had seemed to take on a life of their was a close call as to who was the best but for those who saw they will understand when I say the dancing technique of them both was..alternative..different and bizarrely erotic!!!It was surreal but hey I saw a man in flippers and wetsuit...ENOUGH SAID!!

Anyway when the sluts had a breather we needed something else to do..

Talk about the right place at the wrong time for someone..the Mistresses did not hold back with this one..I stood back and just watched................

Then I saw my long awaited opportunity and laid the boot in and thought of England..that's only because he was in a Nazi uniform of course..!!Well sometimes deep down it's always nice to know in the back of your mind that it's sadistically satisfying to kick a man when he is really down..NICE WORK GIRLS!!!

Anyway we all had a good night and I think we can quite comfortbly say that within the first ten minutes of our entrance ''they DID know exactly who we were''!!!

When we eventually went/got thrown out we re-grouped,waved a fond farewell and bid a good night to all that were stood outside freezing in the rain..jumped in the Jag and the chauffeur drove us off into the night..

To those who didn't make it on that night i've attatched pictures of the main highlights of the whole night...


Mistress Anuska xx

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Double Domme Sessions

As you all know I am now conducting sessions from the Manchester Dungeon in Bury..myself and another Mistress have decided to give everyone who is either lucky enough or brave enough the chance to have a Double Domination session with us both..We decided it would be a good idea as we are both very similar personality wise but yet as you know I am brunette and the particular Mistress in question is blonde so you can have the best or in our case the worst of both worlds..LOL!!!

We are definatley a twosome that is a force to be reckoned with so while I sit back and let you ponder on whether you have the BALLS to kneel before two such supreme Goddesses I will leave you with a couple of sample pictures just so you can see how powerful and dominating we are when we are together..

Contact me for further details on how to book either a Double with myself and Mistress Jadee or to book or confirm a session date with me..

Tel:07772 308063

Mistress Anuska xx

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mistress Anuska new addition!!

Hi all!!at last I have a blog that works so I can keep you all updated with what mischeif and mayhem I have been causing on a daily basis..that's not to say I am one for causing havoc of course!!LOL!!I blame the people around me..thats the great thing about being a Mistress,you get away with what you want when you want and nobody argues with you..ha ha!!

Anyway i've spent the last two days compiling more photos for all you perverts to w**k over!!that is not the main reason though,the main reason is that i have had an enhancement..and NO before your filthy little minds go overtime it's not yet another boob job!!I've had a piercing in my it or hate it I don't really care because I like it and fancied a change..take a look and get back to me on what you think..

I'm going to keep reminding you every day until the day arrives but remember that myself and some of my fellow Mistresses will be gatecrashing Club Lash this Friday nite so all i'm saying is i've given you prior warning!!Mistresses from the Manchester Dungeon nights out always end up with at least one person getting hurt..only if they are lucky!!BE AFRAID!!

I am now going to bid you all farewell..

Make sure you all keep navigating my site as there are new things going on it daily and remember that I am in London this weekend so book any appointments asap..

Enjoy the new pix and i'll keep you posted where I am at as regards resuming productions for my up and coming members area..

Mistress Anuska xx

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Hi folks

Just a quick update to let you know what i've been up to..where do I start?? Productions are well under way for my up and coming members site so as always I will be requiring slaves for up and coming shoots and videos..for details either email me at or for more information then ring me on tel : 07772308063..
I have been to the last two events held at Club Lash in Manchester so have been catching up with everyone there which was great.

Anyway now for the most important news!! I have been Guest Mistressing at The Manchester Dungeons all week!! Mistress Julia Pink invited me for the week and i must say it has been fantastic!!it's gone so well that Mistress Julia has offered a permanent position so I will now be working as a regular Mistress at The Manchester Dungeon!!

I am taking bookings with immediate effect so again do ring me on either my number or contact to make an appointment with me or for more information on sessions..


I am also now co-hosting my own Fetish Parties at the last Sat of every month at The Manchester Dungeon..The last one was a roaring success and everybody that attended had an excellent time and we are all looking forward to our next one.

It will be held at the Manchester Dungeon and the party starts at 9pm till is a party that is aimed at everyone who is into the scene from the novice to the more experienced players.There will be a small entry fee of £15 per adult and a discount for couples of £25..
So come along and have a play!!

I will obviously be there as will some other guest Mistresses so I look forward to seeing you and i'll let you know how things went in my next blog if you don't manage to get there..


Mistress Anuska xx