Saturday, 31 May 2008


Once again good evening to all,

Well as you all know I am in Manchester this weekend and will be available for sessions for all of the next coming week up until Fri when I will be once again travelling down to London to conduct sessions for lucky slaves who cannot visit me in Manchester.For those whose who may be requiring a session in London on either Fri 6th of June or Sat 7th of June then please contact me directly by phone or email.

07772 308063

Mistress Anuska xx

Friday, 30 May 2008


Good evening..I will be holding my weekend sessions in Manchester this week.Just to let all my slaves know that I will be available all weekend at The Manchester Dungeon for anyone who is requiring a session with me.Please phone either myself on tel:07772 308063 or phone the dungeon itself to book an appointment.

Mistress Anuska xx

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Hello people!!

Yes once again I will be back in London tomorrow evening for Club Pedestal!For all those who who are heading down for tomorrows event I will see you there and for those who won't be attending then you will just have to wait and see exactly what you missed when I have chance to sit down and rub your faces in it!

I am in Manchester tomorrow and my last booking will be around 2.30pm so if you are wanting to book then do ring asap so we can get you an appointment in before I am whisked away for another night of perverse partying and sadistic pleasure..Life is tough!!

Till next time..Be good and if you can't be good then stay being bad..It's much more fun!!

Mistress Anuska xx

07772 308063

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Hi all!

After another weekend of being spoilt Iam back to work and I am available for sessions in Manchester for the rest of the week.I am also taking bookings for sessions in London for this weekend.I have another Mistress who is available to session with me for anyone who wants to indulge in a Double Domme session and for those who require something a little different then I have a Submissive Female who will also be available for Double sessions throughout the whole of this week.These sessions whether it be a Double Mistress or a Mistress and Female Submissive session will be available both in Manchester and in London as I have had a positive response from all you filthy minded little pervs out there so do book as much in advance as you can otherwise you might miss out!And that would be a pity now wouldn't it??

Pedestal coming up!!

Now who thinks they are worthy of escorting me there??

Then again I may have some people in mind already!!I am auditioning for prospective slaves so if you think you could possibly measure up to my high demands then do try!I need a good laugh this week!

Good Luck!!You will need it!!

Mistress Anuska xx

Tel : 07772 308063

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Hi to all my little perverts out there!Another week ended in success at The Dungeon last weekend with Saturday proving to be another busy one for us all!Can't complain though as I'm having fun and my days are going faster than ever!


Myself and two other Mistresses had our photos done yesterday and will be featured in my Gallery before the weekend so that is something to get your trousers twitching and your palms sweating as the two other Mistresses in the pictures with me are both Manchester Dungeon Mistresses Winter and Sarah Kane.I am available for Double sessions with either Mistress so ring me if you are interested in booking a session or for appointment availability.

Also I had my first Mistress and Submissive Double session today.Submissive Summer took a good whipping off me much to the joy of one client who basqued in the glory of seeing me punish the little Sub girl in front of his eyes.He did get a bit over excited when he mistakenly spoke down to me!So I quickly made him aware of the fact that I do not take too kindly to being told what to do and behold! He suddenly regained sight of the fact that he was indeed in the presence of Mistress Anuska and kindly with his tail between his legs resumed the session in the correct format and order of the day.

Myself and Submissive Summer are doing Double sessions also so anybody wanting to book then give me a ring as we are available all week from the Manchester Dungeon and we are also taking bookings for London with sessions starting from next weekend.

I will be in London for an Erotica type show next weekend which is being held at Olympia next Saturday and Sunday.I will give you the details tomorrow on my next blog.Until then I will leave you a preview of what is to come on my next Gallery.

Mistress Anuska xx

Tel: 07772 308063

Monday, 12 May 2008


Hey all!

Yes back to work today after my extended weekend (that started mid week last) is over,such a hard life I lead with all expenses paid shopping trips,parties and PA's I may need a break to get over my break!

Busy as usual today at work all in the build up for our up and coming night out Manchester style at Club Spanked,the usual entourage will be heading down for the night this weekend to check out the club and to carry out our usual displays of misconduct and mayhem!he he..I can't wait!

Well I am available for appointments all this week in Manchester so do ring asap to avoid disappointment as my few days away last week have left me with some eagerly awaiting slaves kneeling in excitement for my return so while I rest my tired feet after a busy day at the office I bid you goodnight and I shall keep you updated on my daily antics as the week goes on..

Mistress Anuska xx

Tel: 07772 308063

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Hi all!!
My week has been all thrown out of sync because of the Bank holiday,I had a good one well what I can remember of it!In true Mistress style I turned some heads,banged a few and had to give my own a wobble a few times!
What a day at work yesterday and the day before,on Tuesday the start of my week I saw my very tall,young and extremely fit regular client,always a good start to the week when I see him,he is a true submissive in training,he will come a long way if he proves to be as committed as he says he is..hmm we shall see!!
Yesterday was the day we had The Wedding of The Year at The Manchester Dungeon..Mandy and No.3 got married in what proved to be a very alternative exchange of vows,the ceremony was conducted by the Reverend Sarah Pain,we had a champagne reception,Sissy Barbara threw the petals,Tiffany looked as lovely as ever,No.3 armed with the champagne bucket(don't ask!!) and Mistress Julia giving the blushing bride Mandy away.Heartfelt emotion all the way through with a few jokes and the odd tear shed,mainly Sissy Barbara who seemed a little upset that it was not her getting wed so any offers on Sissy Barbara I know would be greatly appreciated.
A full set of photos will be available shortly,in the mean time Club Lash is on Friday and we are going to Spanked in a couple of weeks so keep your diaries free!
Email me at:
Tel :0772 308063

Mistress Anuska xx