Friday, 27 March 2009


Well as Friday draws to a close I can honestly say that my day has been quite fulfilling from the beginning.Early this morning I met up with my ever loyal slave of whom travels every week,up North to see me from London.Well there was no gentle introduction to the CP session let me tell you!lol!Under strong guidance from the Princess my slave is gathering me quite a lovely collection of CP impliments,of which I of course test out on his poor little arse.I decided not to bother too much with the warm up to todays session,so therefore left my submissive with an extremely sore and bruised backside.I can't imagine the trip back down to London was very comfortable but hey that's what the Princess thrives on after all..inflicting pain and seeing the consequences of her actions.I will leave you with some pictures of the implments I used today and then tomorrow I will show you what harm they can cause..oh do let it be a lesson to you all!
Have a pleasant evening.
Mistress Anuska aka The Sadistic Princess.
Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap

Friday, 6 March 2009


Hello one and all,
Well busy as usual and I have got lots to tell you but I think I will keep you all in a little suspense as usual.(I said suspense not suspension!!Although I know most of you would like that!)You know me I don't like to give too much away.I will be very busy over the next few months filming and doing shoots but I will keep you posted if I require any of you to accompany me for shoots or for videos.
I had two lovely gifts bought for me yesterday off my ever loyal naughty boy from London.I will post pictures of them later but as you will see,only the best is good enough for The Princess!
Well it's a lovely day so I think a little shopping is in order,I may decide to take one of my lucky sissy's with me as I feel a little public humiliation may brighten my day up even more.
I'll let you know later the outcome of my days amusing escapades.
Bye for now xx
The Princess (Mistress Anuska)