Monday, 30 June 2008


Hi all and thankyou!

May I just say a big thankyou to each and every one of you that has been in touch today not only to wish me well but for those who are and who have been witing for the day I returned to my own place.I have been somewhat overwhelmed if not slightly shocked as to how many of you must be keeping a regular eye on my movements and it was a pleasure to speak to those who did manage to catch me on what I did think was going to be a quiet if not relaxing day for the Mistress.As proved today alone there is truly no rest for the wicked!LOL!

I will be travelling down to London this week and even though I had not published or promoted myself coming down I have to announce that Wed and Sat are full and unfortunately I will not be able to take any other bookings for those two days.My premises in Huddersfield are as we speak being decorated and I am in the process of choosing my equipment! I am getting a little more excited and for all those old and new slaves that are desperate to see what it's going to look like then you will have to wait and see!I'm still available for those who may want a session in Manchester by appointment only as I am teaming up with another very well known and experienced Manchester Mistress for Double sessions!These sessions WILL NOT of course be held at The Manchester Dungeon but at some alternative premises near to the Manchester area.My main base will of course be Huddersfield and I will keep my days in London to 2days a week.I will keep you posted on everything to do with my whereabouts and the progress of my new place so do keep checking the site for details as I have some more exciting news to reveal to you all over the next few coming weeks!CURIOUS??YOU SHOULD BE!!

Good night one and all..

I WILL see you tomorrow!

Mistress/Princess Anuska.

07772 308063

Sunday, 29 June 2008


Good evening everyone!

Yes everyone Saturday saw my last day at The Manchester Dungeon!I will be honest and say that it is a decision that I have been thinking about for a while which is something that many of you already knew anyway,I didn't have a specific date or time as to when I was going to re-open my Huddersfield Premises back up again but as I have now got access to not only 2downstairs chambers comprising of an authentic holding cell for my overnight prisoners to be kept in,I have also a main Dungeon area next door to it which is spacious and has been used in many a previous session when I had my Premises open before.As many of you know from when you visited before there are just the two main areas downstairs of which give off an immediate Dungeon feel as soon as you walk down the cellar steps and into the first Chamber.This was ideal in the past for Dungeon like sessions and the authentic feel of the back room led to many a great interrogation scenario and overnight accomodation for either some of my Kidnap victims or worthless slaves in training.Some of the very first videos that I produced with Mistress Vixen were shot in that very Dungeon itself.Ideally I knew that somewhere along the line when my opportunity arose I would eventually want to open up more rooms in the house so I could then expand my space and have several featured rooms to cater for more specialist areas.That is when I got offered the chance to session from The Manchester Dungeon.Although I have had many a good time there and on the whole I can honestly say that I've never laughed so much or been around so many different characters whilst under one roof,sometimes you need a little more to challenge yourself with when it comes to looking ahead regarding not only your own future but the future of others around you.So when I was given the option around a month ago to re-open not just the two main areas of the downstairs to my old Premises but have the chance of opening up and expanding another 2 floors up and 4 new rooms then as you can appreciate I began to review my options on staying full time in Manchester or biting the bullet and setting up on my own..I decided the latter would make the more sensible idea although seeing how things are run at The Manchester Dungeon I know that it is and won't be as easy as some of us may think!So back to Saturday and it was at this point I realised that now was the time I wanted to go ahead and do things my way for a change.Not something I had originally intended to do as an immediate venture I must admit..and from what I can gather came slightly a little sooner than everyone had anticipated but I handed over The Manchester Dungeon keys,gathered together my selection of kink and headed over to say a big HELLO to my new Premises!I'm a mixture right now of nerves and excitement but the truth is that above will never know until you try!!WELCOME TO MISTRESS ANUSKA/PRINCESS ANUSKAS NEW WORLD!!

I wish everyone at The Manchester Dungeon well both Mistresses and Slaves alike and I would be lying if I said that I'm not going to miss certain people and certain things that surround and involve The Manchester Dungeon as a whole!!


07772 308063

Friday, 27 June 2008


Good Evening!Well for most of us it is anyway!LOL!I've heard that someone is missing in the Yorkshire area tonight after mysteriously going missing around 9pm on Friday night..Scary isn't it how one minute you can be walking down the street and in the next split second you could be overpowered by two devastatingly attractive females,blindfolded,stripped,tied up and left in what seems to be a somewhat uncompromising hostile situation.I think the kidnap in Yorkshire on Friday has maybe now turned into more of a hostage scenario!We'll see what the morning brings shall we?..Unless disposal should be required before then of course!LOL!I'll keep you posted!

Sleep Well!

Mistress Anuska.

07772 308063

Thursday, 26 June 2008


Evening people!

Now I wudn't have a clue how to tell someone their fortune and believe me if I could see into the future I know for a start my life would be very different and I'm guesssing the people I have around me would change dramatically,but unfortunately the only thing I am predicting tonight is there will be one certain individual that vanishes myseriously overnight in the Yorkshire area tomorrow evening.The question is does that blissfully unaware individual know that he or she will be snatched from a location by not one but two dangerously attractive females and held until they decide his or her fate?The answer is no!That individual has no clue as to the events of tomorrow night(Friday June 27th).

Sleep well everyone!

Mistress Anuska.

07772 308063

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Evening slaves,

My mission is to find a suitable slave to accompany me on trip that I am planning towards the end of this year.I am giving the chance to one lucky slave to embark on a journey with me to the OWK of which I have been wanting to visit for some time.If you think that you could offer me a proposal along with genuine commitment to such an important post then submit your offerings in an email to myself and then see if you can make it to the exclusive shortlist that I am now compiling.

The Manchester Dungeon had a busy day today with myself,Mistress Julia and Mistress Teressa in for most of the day.I have also been doing more photos for you to admire and perv at with a new section of my gallery aiming at specific fetishes and specialised areas.Strict bitches is just one new gallery which will contain some of the pictures from my movies.Talking of movies I am being overwhelmed with slaves phoning and emailing me expressing the desire for me to re-enact some of the scenes from my productions with Cruella where some of you may still recognise me in my former days as Mistress Nikki!Trampling,cigarette burning and torture,whipping,caning,ballbusting..Hey I am not complaining!These are particular areas I take extreme pleasure in covering!So for all you hardened Cruella Goddess followers then bring yourselves to my feet and let me take over!For all you novices or for those who don't know who the F*** I AM! (LOL) some of my other productions include numerous movies alongside the Internationally Renowned Mistress Sidonia,Lady Nina Birch,Lady Jane,Mistress Vixen and others for top Femdom site The English Mansion.Ballbusting Universe,Femdommeworld,Latexgirlshd..Ok I think you get the script that I have done not only my own productions but along the way I've been lucky enough to be involved with some of the biggest Femdom sites around today and alot of the UK's leading Mistresses aswell.Which leads me also to remind you that my own productions are underway and I will be listing shortly the areas I will be covering for my next production along with dates and location details.Ok now it is late and I am rapidly running out of crap to tell you.So I will continue my words of wisdom and my stimulating alternative outlook on life tomorrow..much as I'd love to ramble all night..I bid you goodnight..

Mistress Anuska.

07772 308063

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Hey all,

The Manchester Dungeons kinky fetish nurse Mistress Anuska will be on call all day tomorrow at The Manchester Dungeon.For anyone who requires her to take a closer look at any LITTLE worries they may have regarding health,or for any other personal or private matters they want to discuss then you may ring either the nurse herself directly on tel:07772 308063 or contact The Manchester Dungeon reception to book in for a discreet consultation.

With all new equipment and more on the way you know you will be in the best possible hands and you are guarenteed to walk away feeling....well you will have to come and see!

The Fetish Nurse has several kinky uniforms that cater for those with a rubber fetish,pvc fetish or those who prefer the more traditional nurses uniform.

I will have a gallery ready for all you fetish nurse pervs out there so if you can't get an appointment to see me you will most definately be begging for one after you've seen the photos!


Where is the party at this week?I've got some catching up to do from last weekend!I may need a little prescription myself come Monday if anyone can suggest a good night on Sat!LOL!We shall see!

Mistress Anuska.

Monday, 16 June 2008



Step into my clinic at The Manchester Dungeons Medical Room and let me give you a thorough checkup!I will be taking appointments all this week for my ill little slaves who need some personal time with nurse.I have all new medical supplies on hand to ensure you all get the correct treatment and you are guarenteed to be in the best possible hands as soon as you walk through The Medical Room door!For all of those who require last minute or emergency appointments then you must ring Nurse Anuska immediately on tel:07772 308063.Depending on the type of treatment you may be requiring you are able to book set appointments for 30mins,1 hour or 2hrs.

When you do come to see me you can rest assured that at all times during the appointment you will be comfortable,relaxed and will have everything on hand to ensure that you have come to the right place!

Email me if your symptoms persist:


Mistress Anuska.

Sunday, 15 June 2008


KIDNAPPED after going for an afternoon stroll through Bury!Hmm quite unfortunate for one particular individual that decided to underestimate myself and one of the other Manchester Mistressses on Saturday afternoon.We snatched the victim off the street,I drove whilst the other Mistress took position in the back ready to jump out and overpower the unsuspecting stranger who had no idea that we had monitored his every move for weeks prior to this.Upon seeing him I pulled the vehicle up and the snatch from the roadside was executed perfectly.Luckily my car has tinted windows so once inside we knew we could do exactly what we wanted to.Bound,gagged,blindfolded and shocked we took him to The Manchester Dungeon where we stripped him,took his phone,wallet and car keys then interrogated,tortured and kept him hostage until we decided we had had enough.He was then ejected from the premises and made to make his own way back to wherever it was he was strolling to in the first place.Now I'm not saying that this is an everyday occurance on the streets of Bury but remember next time you are in the area or if you happen to venture near the The Manchester Dungeon then be warned that Mistress Anuska and the other Manchester Dungeon Mistresses are never to be underestimated!YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Anyway today(Sunday) was busy at The Manchester Dungeon with myself and the lovely Mistress Sarah Kane working,I'm back in tomorrow as is the new Nurse who will be taking appointments for her clinic,book in for a thorough checkup and she will be available for last minute or emergency appointments all day in the new fully equipped Medical Room at The Manchester Dungeon.I must say the new Nurse does look strangely familiar!We will be seeing alot more of her over the few weeks..Some of you lucky boys will anyway!Did anyone hear that there is a terrible 24 hour bug going round???

Be good and leave the bad to me..I do it so well!

Mistress Anuska.

07772 308063

Friday, 13 June 2008


Evening people,

Unfortunately my trip to London was cancelled for this weekend but I have rearranged my schedule and pushed things forward till next week instead.I will be commencing sessions tomorrow at the Manchester Dungeon and also Sunday.The Manchester Dungeon has a new arrival at last!Nurse Anuska will be treating patients in the Medical Room as of tomorrow so anyone needing special treatment or for those in need of a good checking over will be pleased to know that The Nurse will be available from now on by strict appointment at The Manchester Dungeon Clinic.

To book to see The Nurse call :07772 308063

Mistress/Nurse Anuska.

Thursday, 12 June 2008


Good evening all,

Well it's that time again!Yes I have got my PVC thigh boots all packed up ready for my trip to London tomorrow,they are in need of a good clean so tongues at the ready and remember I really don't like sloppy slaves who slaver!You know who you are!I've got my shiny PVC catsuit ready for one lucky slave who has lusted after it ever since he saw pictures from the first time I wore it,so there are going to be some excited little things awaiting my arrival tomorrow.I will be staying down till Sunday and I've been tempted with another club which I may check out on Sat night.Club Rub was brought to my attention by another one of my excited slaves in waiting and on further inspection of the Clubs site it looks like for once Mistress Anuska has unfortunately been missing out on something!A definate maybe for my Sat night frolics this weekend so if anyone is a regular at Club Rub or if they have been before then do let me know what it is like and if it's as good as the site says then I feel sorry for those having to session with Mistress on Sunday!LOL!Mistress Anuska the day after the night before??Hmm..Brace yourselves!

Anyway I will be back in Manchester on Monday and if I do get chance I will attempt a blog over the weekend,if not then unlucky because it means that I'm out and you are not and you will have to wait like good little slaves should do!!

Be good and leave the bad to me!

Mistress Anuska.

07772 308063

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Hey all,Ok I was too knackered yesterday to write a blog on either mine or The Manchester Dungeon site,the truth is sometimes even though a day in the life of a Mistress is rarely uneventful I couldn't think of anything amusing to tell which is rare for me in itself!LOL!It's been a steady week so far,in fact it's been quiet compared to the last few weeks especially!We had the pleasure of Emily today at the Dungeon.Emily is another one of The Manchester Dungeons regular Sissys,not quite as openly talented as Sissy Barbara but with a little bit of theatrical training I'm sure she would be able to entertain us for at least a few minutes!Anyway with such glorious sunshine myself and Mistress Jadee decided to go cause a litle stir ouside of the Dungeon for a bit so we left with Mistress Teressas keys and took the convertable for a quick couple of laps round Bury.Even without the shiny thigh boots and pvc catsuits we still had quite a few sunshine enduced,testosterone pumped individuals rubber necking at us!And that was just the women!LOL!

Anyway if you have not already noticed there are two new galleries up and there are more on the way but you are all going to have to be a little patient as I am in the process of changing the look and making a number of minor alterations to my site in preparation for the Members area.There are going to be alterations to the gallery page for starters which will enable you to enlarge some of the pictures and I am also deciding on a new picture for the front page.Anyway I'm not going to spill everything to you so you will all just have to wait and see but do keep in mind that my site is still very much under construction and I am aware of the changes that need to be made.Rest assured that I am working on them in between shopping,partying and sleeping!

That's all for now and remember to email or phone me asap regarding booking appointments to see me in Manchester today and Thurs and for appointments in London on Friday,Saturday and Sunday.

Mistress Anuska.

07772 308063

Sunday, 8 June 2008


Well as the weekend draws to a close it's back to normal or abnormal in many a case!I will be in Manchester tomorrow and conducting sessions as usual at The Manchester Dungeon.Due to the amount of people wanting sessions in London I will be heading South again this Friday so do ring as early as possible to inquire about my schedule or available appiontments.I do hope it's going to be another bizarre week at the Dungeon but we shall see!I'm still awaiting the Sissy who thinks they can step up to compete with Barbaras talents!Any offers?We could do with a good bitch fight at the Dungeon!Anyway as promised my Galleries I have been told have been uploaed and should be with you by the morning!Enjoy and hopefully with things back on track you will see appearing very soon my long awaited new Members area with videos you can download,quality picture galleries and loads more for your pervy delictation.

Till tomorrow..

Mistress Anuska.

07772 308063

Thursday, 5 June 2008


Evening all,

London tomorrow!Don't forget all those who have booked to see me this weekend that you MUST phone me on tel:07772 308063 BEFORE 11am on the day of your session.Anybody who does not confirm by 11am on the day of their appointment will loose their booking to someone else.I should be back up in Manchester by Sunday so if people are wanting a session at The Manchester Dungeon on this day then do contact me to secure an appointment or to check availability.I'll try keep you all informed of my sessions when I post my blog tomorrow so until then..


Mistress Anuska xx

07772 308063

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Evening ALL!

Well who said Wednesdays were crap!For me and the rest of the lucky Mistreses at The Manchester Dungeon it was more RAP than CRAP!O YES!We saw the return of the truly fabulous and unmistakenly talented Sissy Barbara who read an alternative form of religious poetry in unique Sissy Barbara style before performing an original piece(put together from Barbaras own personal outlook on life)of rhyming genius that could only be described as complete poetical, rhyming bizarreness!Then if we hadn't already nearly been blown away by these random yet perfectly delivered Oscar winning performances,Barbara then switched from poet to a 50 cent style Sissy Gangsta Rapper!I must admit and I think that I speak for the majority of the other Mistresses who witnessed this performance,it nothing I or anyone else had ever been given the pleasure of seeing before!Nor do I ever see it quite being done in that way or with such passion again.Sissy Barbara never ceases to amaze time after time!We are thinking of maybe putting Barbara through into next years Britain's Got Talent!Believe me this Sissy HAS got talent and it would be a shame not to share it with the rest of the population!

Anyway,Thurs looms and I will be available for sessions from 11.30am onwards at The Manchester Dungeon and don't forget I am in London Fri and Sat this week!Also I have had some more pictures done today!Hopefully these and some other galleries will be there for you to gawp at tomorrow evening so keep your fingers crossed and keep checking my site for updates which should also with any luck be on by tomorrow evening at the latest!

Good Evening..until tomorrow..maybe..!

Mistress Anuska xx

07772 308063

Monday, 2 June 2008


Evening all!

Well with Monday nearly over I thought I may aswell fill you in on my day at The Manchester Dungeon.Well I had an hours wrestling with one of my many fans that has seen my appearances on Ballbusting Universe and The English Mansion.During the session we included some Ballbusting of which I must say I can get so carried away with as it has and always will be one of my favourite pastimes as a Mistress!An hour left me quite exhausted but the main thing is my slave went away with a few sore ribs and aching balls which always brings a smile to Mistress's face!Then immediately after I had a two hour session with a rather young,inexperienced but very submissive 21year old whom also travelled a long way just to see me,although initially he seemed very nervous ,as he had never been to see a Mistress before I had to discover what kinds of things made his submissive side tick,from being made to clean my PVC thigh lengthlength boots with his tongue whilst blindfolded,to being over the bench firstly with my bare hand only to warm his arse up before I then moved onto the mildest flogger,the riding crop and then....Well I didn't want to push him too far!The violet wand of which he enjoyed,some nipple play and rope bondage,then before we knew it the 2hours was up and my young little slave with a smile on his face departed from The Manchester Dungeon and made his way back on the long journey home to normality.

Anyway I will be once again at The Manchester Dungeon tomorrow so ring me if you are wanting a session or to book any session with myself whether it be at The Manchester Dungeon or when I visit my Premises in London then do feel free to call on tel :07772 308063 or alternatively you can email me on the address that is found on my site via the contacts page.

Now I am off to rest my tired little body and if you are lucky I'll be back to fill you in tomorrow!

P.s HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wrestling/ballbusting slave of today!At least I gave you something that will remind you of me for the next few days!BALL-ACHE!!Believe me the pleasure was entirely MINE!!

Mistress Anuska xx

Sunday, 1 June 2008


Evening all!
I will be available once again at the Manchester Dungeon tomorrow right through till Fri of this week.My diary is filling up for Sat sessions in London so there are only a few available appointments left therfore if you are wanting to see me when I come down then I suggest you ring me or email me asap to secure yourself an available time.I am considering a visit to Club Subversion whilst I am in London,Well!I can't give up on an offer to go clubbing after a days hard work can I?
Mistress Anuska xx