Sunday, 28 September 2008


Hi all,
I've had another good weekend so I will be back available for sessions tomorrow(Monday)from the Yorkshire Dungeon,the same on Tuesday then over to Manchester for my usual day on a Wed.I have some filming coming up shortly and if you havn't had the pleasure of seeing my new video for the English Mansion then I suggest you go and have a look on the English Mansion website before ringing me back to book your session in with me!I will post times and dates for my filming days so that I can get time to hand pick my slaves that I require to appear alongside me during productions.Ohh I can feel your exitement already!
On that note I bid you goodnight..
Be good..or be punished!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.

Friday, 26 September 2008


Hey all..
Just thought I had better write a quick blog before I get too far into my weekend and into the realms of Princess party land because you know me..if I don't write now you may not hear from me till at least Monday.
Well it was all go this week,my head in a right spin going from Manchester to Huddersfield to Leeds..back to Huddersfield!Well just to let you know that I will be available every Wed in Manchester at The Manchester Dungeon from now on and if things keep going the way they are at the moment then I may have to up my days to twice a week!I went over to The Manchester Dungeon on Wed just gone with friend and fellow Yorkshire Mistress Athena who also happens also to be a very good friend with Mistress Julia Pink,we decided to kidnap Mistress Julia and take her out for lunch at The Village!Funny actually because the last time I was at The Village myself and another Mistress had captured and were holding a victim hostage in one of the lovely rooms they have there..anyway that wasn't quite the case with Mistress Julia who seemed quite keen on escaping the Dungeon for an hour so we could catch up.
Thursday I was in Leeds and Huddersfield,part buisness,part sadistic pleasure..there are going to be some more changes coming up and I have some news for you all but as the Princess is already "fashionably" late (as always) I will have to leave it till another the meantime try not to miss me too much..
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Hi all!
Well a good day at the Yorkshire Dungeon has set me in a good mood and ready for all you pathetic Princess wannabee slaves lining up to see me tomorrow!Yes I will be joining Mistress Julia and the rest of the Manchester Mistresses at The Manchester Dungeon all day from 11am till late tomorrow..I can see it being a fun day as always over there so I look forward to beating you tomorrow and in the mean time i'll leave you to dream about your Princess..
Good night one and all!
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.
P.s have a look at some of my new pix on my Princess Anuska site..enjoy!

Monday, 22 September 2008


Hi all,
Just to let you all know that I will be in Manchester at The Manchester Dungeon on Wednesday this week.I will be available at the Yorkshire Dungeon in Huddersfield tomorrow so if you need to book in for an appointment at either then ring my mobile 07772 308063 or phone either The Manchester Dungeon on tel number 01617 620051 or contact the Yorkshire Dungeon and ask about my availability for this day or any other day you may wish to make a booking to come and see me.Anyway i've not much to say in true Princess style I had a hard weekend and i'm still recovering so I think maybe I shall leave it till tomorrow so I can gather my thoughts and post one of my usual long rambling entries for you all to enjoy..
Be good..or you will be punished!
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.

Monday, 15 September 2008


Hi all,
Just a quick one to let you know that I will be conducting my sessions at the Yorkshire Dungeon in Huddersfield tomorrow and at the Manchester Dungeon on Wednesday.I am now keeping my usual days of Mon and tues in Huddersfield and every Wednesday from now on in Manchester.I will be travelling down to London this Thurs for Club Pedestal so anyone wanting an appointment on Fri in London must ring me or text me to book in asap as places will be limited.My weekend was extreme as always and I have only just managed to get back to HUDD!The Princess is so bad but being good I've found is just plain boring so luckily for you this Princess isn't about to change!If your life needs correction though you know where to come come or if it's just plain corruption you need then well you know where I am!
Be good..or be punished!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

THE MANCHESTER DUNGEON..Mistress/Princess Anuska

Hi all!
Well it was all go at The Manchester Dungeon today as I made my way over for more than just a session to begin the day!I began my hard day by having my nails done which left me just enough time to get to the dungeon before my first appointment at 1.00pm..then a steady stream from the afternoon into the early evening saw me arrive back home for around 9.15pm this evening.It was good to see everyone and I'm thinking of possibly going back to do one day a week there so watch this space and I will let you know as or when anything is confirmed!Mistress Julia was on top form as always and it wasn't long before we back to our old selves..the banter..the gossip..The Manchester Dungeon!he he..I love that place!
Anyway keep checking both my sites for new updates and there will be some new photos and event stories which will be posted over the weekend..for now though..
Be Good..or be punished!
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka Uk Mistress Kidnap.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Hi all,
Yes people I will be sessioning at The Manchester Dungeon tomorrow so if any of you pathetic slaves require me to possibly spare an hour of my precious time then ring me on tel: 07772 308063 or you may phone the Manchester Dungeon directly to see what available appointments I have left.
I am available in Huddersfield today so likewise if you require an appointment then ring me or phone the Yorkshire Dungeon for available appointments or session times.
Don't forget to have a look at my other sites for new pictures,updates of club appearances and dates I have in my diary for filming!
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.

Monday, 8 September 2008


Hi all,
I will be available for sessions at the Yorkshire Dungeon all of this week so anyone wanting an appointment ring myself on tel 07772 308063 or phone the Dungeon itself to see when my availability and schedules are or to book an appointment time.I had a great weekend once again and just want to let you know that I will be away from Fri till Sunday of this week as I thought maybe a little pampering was in order so I've had a slave pay for a Spa weekend break..Well I deserve it!It's hard work being a Princess you know!!
Mistress/Princess Anuska
07772 308063

Friday, 5 September 2008


Well TFI Friday,
Another bizarre and extremely busy week then because for some reason i still thought we were somewhere around midweek!You know what they say though.."time flies when your having fun!"..we'll ok that is true but when you are also busy trying to fit alot of things into a short space of time,then time does run away with you,and before you know it the day has rapidly disappeared and you are already half way into the next.Maybe I need another little holiday..Maybe even just a weekend away to rejuvenate..
Anyway..After UK Mistress Kidnaps successful abduction in Leeds on Wed night I came out feeling pleased that I had not only chewed up and spat out yet another weak and pathetic excuse of human being but I also walked away with some rather nice new things.Hey you know me I love shopping and presents and generally being spoilt..well that's exactly the way a Princess should be treated,do we all not agree!
Check out my new photos from Wed night on my Princess Gallery on the
Sadistic Princess site,you can also see a couple of snaps of my victim on the UK Mistress Kidnap site..I wonder if he has been found yet?LOL!
For now though I shall leave you to look forward to my next ramble..
Be good!
or you may have ME to deal with!
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.
Click here for my Sadistic Princess site.
Click here for my UK Mistress Kidnap site.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Hi all,
Well I have had such a hectic week!I had another mad Princess weekend!!(nothing new there then)..Very random it was and I'm still recovering but I will be in full Mistress Kidnap mode tomorrow as I will be heading to Leeds to snatch another victim.I have chosen a rather exclusive location for the planned interrogation of this pathetic specimen,what a pity he will not be able to fully appreciate his surroundings!LOL!If he only knew what I have in store for him..but one things for sure he will know pretty soon!!So people if you are out and about in Leeds tomorrow make sure you are a little more vigilant knowing that the leading UK Mistress Kidnap is in town.I am on the prowl so do keep looking over your will never see me coming until it's too then you are totally in MY HANDS!!Remember I am a Princess..a Sadistic twisted Princess with my own perverted fantasies and you..well you are there to simply..aid my twisted mind!!
(see both my sites blog pages that will keep you up to date as things happen during the course of tomorrow..pix and posts as events unfold throughout the day on my UK Mistress Kidnap site!)
Be good!
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.