Friday, 15 January 2010


It's just dawned on me that it is the middle of Jan already!Well with Christmas,new year and then my birthday last Thursday(the 14th),I think I may have spent a little too much time partying!I can imagine how much you have all missed me and I know you are all begging(literally)to know when I am back and available for sessions..
You will be pleased then to hear that my phone will be back on as of Monday(18th of Jan),but do be aware that if you don't get to speak to me personally when you ring,the chances are that I have better things to do!Therefore you have my permission to leave a polite message or alternatively you may send me a text.If I think you are worthy of a reply then I will get back to you when I am available to do so.

I am filming in Nottingham next Fri!!
The footage will eventually be featured on another Mistresses website..the stunning Goddess that I am referring to is not only one of the UK's most infamously cruel(or is that Cruella?)Mistresses,but is also one of my oldest and closest friends..curious??

Well you will have to wait!!
Till the next time I can arsed..

Princess Anuska xx

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