Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Evening all!
Well you know the Princess loves to party to the extreme!So therefore,taking that into consideration,I will be heading to The Kage Club in Bury(Manchester)on Sunday, for some perverse party fun,mixed hopefully with lashings of down right depravity!!
Hmm..the usual quiet weekend for me again then! ;)
for more info on this event which will be held this Sunday(28th Feb) then CLICK HERE
or go to
Sadistic Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap

Sunday, 21 February 2010


My phone will be on tomorrow(Monday) so get your fingers at the ready and do your best to get through to!
I wonder how many of you are feeling lucky?
hmm anyway..just to get your filthy little minds working overtime I am pleased to announce that this week the wand will be out!!Ahh yes my pathetic little pain sluts,I have had bought for me a new violet wand!I can feel one of my extreme sadistic streaks coming on,so if you are wanting to come and see me this week then do be prepared to be put through your paces!
For those who are not willing to take the pain for Mistress or who do regard themselves as having a low pain threshold,then don't waste your time,or my time for that matter,trying to get through to me.I've decided that this week,my time and effort will be spent inflicting the most severe and extremely harsh punishments ONLY!
I am thinking..
Human ashtrays
If the question I want blood?
The answer is yes!
The more of it the merrier!
If you can take a good harsh beating from Mistress then ring me tomorrow..
07752 193801
If you are weak and pathetic and would cry if I bitch slapped you then don't even bother..I would merely laugh at you!!
The extremely Sadistic Princess



Thursday, 18 February 2010


Unfortunately the reason behind the lack of updated blogs is due to your Princess not being very well.Thanks to some incompitent staff in the medical profession,I have been suffering(up until a few days ago)on and off,since before Christmas,with what was WRONGLY diagnosed as an eye infection in both of my eyes.After numerous visits to the doctors and several courses of treatment,I returned to my doctors and demanded they refer me to the hospital immediately!
Of which they did..of course!lol!
They knew best :) turns out that the so called infection was not an infection at all..somehow I had several shards of glass embedded in both of my eyes!
Not the nicest of procedures but I successfully had most of the glass removed(with a needle I may add!!!)and you will be pleased to know that now,with full vision back in tact,I will be back on Monday to resume my sessions.
I will be available in Huddersfield and also at Hotel BDSM for a few days next week, so do try get through on my phone because remember..
God loves a tryer..but not as much as I do!lol!
Princess Anuska xx
07752 193801
Sadistic Princess
UK Mistress Kidnap

Monday, 1 February 2010


Has our little land of fetishes and depravity gone mad!!I've been made aware of some rather shocking announcements over the past few weeks and I'm really starting to wonder what the world of BDSM is coming to!!
Well for once my life sounds a little less...dare I say 'boring' compared to the events going on in some of my fellow(or maybe I should say ex fellow Mistresses)lives.Well whether it is a case of needing to take a little time out from the BDSM scene to fulfill other more personal areas of their lives or simply because they feel the time is right to hang up their leather gloves and say goodbye for good,to the whole BDSM way of life..either way I wish them well in their ventures and hope that the latter with both is not the case.
ANYWAY..I will be over at Hotel BDSM this Thursday trying out my new violet wand!A lovely 21 piece set as part of my birthday present..yes yes I'm a Princess..a sadistic one!!lol!!So presents like that are always going to be special :)..I wonder how many other people get violet wands for their birthdays?If you think about it I bet the answer is..not many!!lol!!
I'll think you'll probably find the reason is simply because..I'm special,spoilt,sadistic and..because I'm totally worth it!!
Move over Cheryl Cole..they'll be wanting yours truly for the next Loreal advert!!LOL!!They'll be lucky if they get through though..I'll have to remember to switch my phone on!! :)
The Princess xx
07752 193801