Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Well as I am very much into the spirit of things and have had a busy few weeks in the run up to Christmas,plenty of seasonal beatings for the lucky ones that HAVE successfully managed to get a session booked in with me and for those that havn't..well..better luck next year!!
So all that is left to say,before my final mad dash for the last bit of shopping,is..
I wish you ALL a very merry KISSMYASS!!lol!!
ha ha..
Sadistic Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap

Thursday, 17 December 2009


After looking on the Cruella website the other day I was pleased to see a few of my first ever movies(where I was formerly known as Mistress Nikki),starring alongside good friend Mistress Vixen and my other good friend Mistress Hannah.They are available to download,so do go and have a perv at our day at the quarry..Oh what memories and fun times we had on the Cruella shoots!I wonder where all the outakes are?Hmm I may have to look into that one!
Anyway I do have things to do,so go make yourselves busy and have a look at myself,Mistress Vixen and Mistress Hannah in action!
Princess Anuska xx
UK Mistress Kidnap

Saturday, 12 December 2009

UK MISTRESS KIDNAP (Princess Anuska)

Wednesdays..boring for most..middle of the week..neither here nor there..unless of course you are me!
What better way to brighten up your midweek by abducting some pathetic excuse for a human being,subjecting them to a little punishment,humiliation,whilst also giving them an educational lesson in the art of respect.
All I can say is that after being forced to strip in front of me,tied down,blindfolded and repeatedly spanked,whipped and caned,my victim was videoed throughout!That indeed only added to my perverse satisfaction,besides which,I do like to keep a trophy of my outstanding efforts!!
I must say my performance was outstanding!Unfortunately my victim needs a few more lessons when it comes to performing in front of the camera..but don't worry..that HAS already been arranged!
Princess Anuska
(UK Mistress Kidnap)
Make sure you check my Princess Anuska(SADISTIC PRINCESS) website where I may put on a few clips from my actual abductions!I bet a few of you are twitching abit over that now arn't you!lol!
Well either that or I can send them off to "You've been framed" so the whole nation can have a little chuckle at your expense!!
Till the next time..keep dreaming!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

UK MISTRESS KIDNAP (Mistress Anuska)

Ooh it's that time again people!Hell yes I feel a kidnap coming on!Look over your shoulder and keep a tight grip on your balls because I'm coming to get YOU!Ha unlucky soul is in for a bit of the Sadistic Princess treatment,so do be extra vigilant when out and about tommorrow but remember..resistance is useless!Plus no-one likes a drama queen!(unless of course it's me)
In fact the best thing for you to do is to come saves hassle(e.g me breaking a sweat or in a worst case scenario..A NAIL)..mind you either way you would be punished severely but you all know that anyway,so whilst I go and carefully plan the important details of tommorrows abduction(e.g what to wear!lol)
I'll bid you all a good night!
Sleep well,as tommorrow night you may not be rewarded with such a luxury!

Sadistic Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Evening all,
Well I had no choice but to once again summon the same disobedient,naughty and obviously very cocky little boy(who was incidently in my office two weeks ago)back to see me for a further review of his consistantly bad and disruptive behaviour!
I was not best pleased,so decided to take him along to a place where the really exceptional cases go,for a very strict disciplinary with Mistress.Depending on how severe the case is,they may be forced to stay the night under strict supervision, suffer prolonged periods of harsh punishment,endure being put in isolation,humiliated in front of other members of staff and stripped of any basic human rights.
Yes that's right..I took him to see Mistress Hellena,although she did not want to waste her evening having to deal with such an incompitent fool,in which I don't really blame her,so I severly punished him and then left him there..all alone..with no-one to talk to or communicate with..
Hopefully that will give him time to reflect on his behaviour but we shall see what the foolish boy has to say for himself in the morning!!
It's rather chilly tonight,mind you his arse was very warm to say the least,and it was a nice shade of bright red too when I left,so I'm sure the heat penetrating from that will give off sufficient warmth till at least the morning!
Oh well a nice big bed for me to crawl into!
Goodnight one and all but I'm quite sure not all will sleep well,I'm very sure I will though!lol!
Princess Anuska xx
Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap