Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mistress Anuska!!..The Bitch Is Back

Yes my deviants..I am back..Missed me?..hahaa WATCH THIS SPACE! Some of you were lucky enough to meet me at last months Club Pedestal,with my long time friend Mistress Athena..if you want to know what your Mistress has been up to,then make sure you log in here for news and updates..and if you haven't already had the pleasure of my company,then who knows,you might 1 day have your fantasies come true!lol good luck..God loves a tryer! For now though,sweet dreams.. Mistress Anuska xx

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Well as usual my filthy little Cockney tart was summoned up North again this week,for his routined dose of royal punishment,from yours truly!I decided that I wanted to try something different,and whilst browsing the net on my new Sony laptop(also provided courtesy of the little Cockney tart),I had stumbled accross some premises,that looked rather naughty,located not too far away in Mansfield.So,I decided to drag the little tart down with me to take a look.I was greeted by the lovely Mistress Maria and Roxanne,who graciously showed me around the various rooms,and then left me to have a play..3 hours later I emerged..with a huge smile on my face and the slightly sore and newly bruised tart in tow!
Without a shadow of doubt I will definately be travelling down to The Mansfield Dungeon again,with it's mixed variety of play equiptment,a choice of 3 rooms,more toys than you could shake a cane at,topped off by such a warm welcome and a truly wicked Dungeon atmosphere!I can highly recommend this discreetly twisted playground..oh and did I mention the kinky Fetish Nights that are held there aswell!

It would be rude not to!

Princess Anuska

UK Mistress Kidnap

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Yes that's right,myself and one of my new rubber outfits will be heading down to London this Thursday to attend the mighty Club Pedestal!The hotel suite has been booked,courtesy of my filthy little London tart,my entourage will be in tow and as always it will be a pleasure to catch up with everyone whilst also having the opportunity to become aquainted with some new faces.
I will be staying until the Friday evening,but as you can imagine,with it being my first trip down to London for a while,I have a few little things that are in desperate need of being dealt with..severely!
The good news is though,I will be heading down to London again in a few weeks and I will be giving some of the lucky few,an opportunity to session with me(that is if they can manage to get through to me TO book a session).
Dates and times of my forthcoming trips to London will be posted on my next blog.
In the mean time,look forward to seeing me at Club Pedestal this Thursday!

Princess Anuska xx

UK Mistress Kidnap

The Sadistic Princess

07401 861859

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Well after much anticipation from you all,here I am again,taking 5 mins out of my extremely precious schedule,to write a little about what I've been up to since the last time I saw fit to treat you all,to one of my exciting blogs! :)
Now I could go into detail and send you all into submissive overdrive or I could just simply say that the majority of my time,over the last few weeks,has been focused on some intense behavioural lessons for the indignantly naughty,cockney tart!
This unruly little boy must find it amusing to misbehave,as I can find no other reason why such constant disruption,that will obviously consequent in him being punished,would become such a regular weekly occurance?
Maybe a harsher,alternative form of punishment will test his boundaries,as the punishment he is recieving from me,is maybe not having as much effect as it possibly could do..
He is back in my office again on Thursday!
I will inform you all of my progress on this matter..and for all those other unruly boys..

DO let this be a warning!

Disobedience WILL NOT be tolerated!






Monday, 12 July 2010


Just a quick one to let you all know I had a great weekend thanks and I will be at The Manchester Dungeon tomorrow(Tuesday).
In the mean time I plan to have a lovely day of pampering,so if you are lucky enough to get time off tomorrow and manage to get a session with me,then I shall indeed see you then.

Princess Anuska xx

tel:07401 861859 but DO NOT expect witheld numbers to be answered!!

Sadistic Princess

UK Mistress Kidnap


Oh and I forgot to mention..CLUB PEDESTAL Thursday 29th July!!
It would be rude not to!!
See you there ;) xx

Monday, 5 July 2010


Hey all!
Well I thought I'd better mention it at some point,drop it on you all last minute as per usual,giving you very little,or indeed no time at all to organise or plan anything,therefore making you all run around like a bunch of frantic idiots,either trying to somehow blag a hr out of work,make an excuse to the wifey,or have enough time to think of a decent excuse to your boss as to why you MUST leave early!
In fact here's a good one!
Quietly pull your boss one side and sheepishly admit to him/her that you have a slightly embarassing problem that needs treating urgently..and then when you go in the next day,you can't sit down properly or have trouble walking,at least you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have been nothing but genuine in your request for an early absence..plus it also opens the door for your 'follow up' appointment excuse!
So I guess I should now tell you when and where I will be available..

THE MANCHESTER DUNGEON:Tues 6th July(tomorrow)
Wed 7th July

I will be available from 12:00 noon till..well,when I decide that you have had enough!!

You ought to know by now that I like to please myself,live only by the rules that I create,be generally(through no fault of mine OBVIOUSLY!)disfunctional,unpredictable and as a standard proceedure,be as unreliable as a Virgin train!

If you are in desperate need to book an appointment then you may attempt to ring me on

Tel:07401 861859

Alternatively you can ring Mistress Julia Pink on tel:07984 593046 to book or for all other queries regarding sessions with myself.
You may want to contact The Manchester Dungeon direct to see if any suitable appointment times are available..CLICK HERE to go The Manchester Dungeons main website.

Well as much as I enjoy sitting here giving,for the majority of you at least..false hopes!lol!I must go..so for now I shall leave you to ponder over your pathetic excuses and for those truly priviliged ones that do manage to secure an appointment..then all there left to say is..DO look forward to meeting me on Tues or Wed xx

Princess Anuska

UK Mistress Kidnap

Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Hi all,
Well I'll be on my way to kidnap my latest victim tomorrow.Somebody that contacted me a while ago but has made it obviously clear that a much harsher punishment is going to be the only way to calm this cocksure little tart!A lesson on how to control his filthy perversions.I think he needs a taste of the Sadistic Princess!So armed with my video camera,still camera,a wide selection of painful impliments and a desire from the Princess to inflict some severe CP,CBT and extreme torture I think from my perspective,tomorrow may be bright,sunny and generally a very plesant day for me!!
It's never dull in my playground believe me!!
But then again,only the truly privelged will ever get to experience the life of a Princess..this Princess anyway!!
I bid you farewell and hope you all have a really boring,uneventful,miserably normal day..
At least one of us won't xx

Princess Anuska xx