Monday, 5 July 2010


Hey all!
Well I thought I'd better mention it at some point,drop it on you all last minute as per usual,giving you very little,or indeed no time at all to organise or plan anything,therefore making you all run around like a bunch of frantic idiots,either trying to somehow blag a hr out of work,make an excuse to the wifey,or have enough time to think of a decent excuse to your boss as to why you MUST leave early!
In fact here's a good one!
Quietly pull your boss one side and sheepishly admit to him/her that you have a slightly embarassing problem that needs treating urgently..and then when you go in the next day,you can't sit down properly or have trouble walking,at least you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have been nothing but genuine in your request for an early it also opens the door for your 'follow up' appointment excuse!
So I guess I should now tell you when and where I will be available..

THE MANCHESTER DUNGEON:Tues 6th July(tomorrow)
Wed 7th July

I will be available from 12:00 noon till..well,when I decide that you have had enough!!

You ought to know by now that I like to please myself,live only by the rules that I create,be generally(through no fault of mine OBVIOUSLY!)disfunctional,unpredictable and as a standard proceedure,be as unreliable as a Virgin train!

If you are in desperate need to book an appointment then you may attempt to ring me on

Tel:07401 861859

Alternatively you can ring Mistress Julia Pink on tel:07984 593046 to book or for all other queries regarding sessions with myself.
You may want to contact The Manchester Dungeon direct to see if any suitable appointment times are available..CLICK HERE to go The Manchester Dungeons main website.

Well as much as I enjoy sitting here giving,for the majority of you at least..false hopes!lol!I must for now I shall leave you to ponder over your pathetic excuses and for those truly priviliged ones that do manage to secure an appointment..then all there left to say is..DO look forward to meeting me on Tues or Wed xx

Princess Anuska

UK Mistress Kidnap