Thursday, 27 May 2010


Another party this weekend!!
Again this event will be held in Bury(Manchester)at the same venue as the Rubbered Up North event that was held last Sat.
My good friend 'Dave The Butcher' will be the host with more than most,and will with no doubt be a cracking(pardon the pun)afternoon/evening.
I have been informed that there will also be an afterparty as The Kage will be shutting at 9pm.Any excuse to carry on the kinky proceedings for as long as possible,are most definately a bonus in my eyes!
For more info on the event CLICK HERE and with any luck you will see me there!

The extremely Sadistic Princess Anuska (UK Mistress Kidnap) xx

Monday, 17 May 2010


Well I'm fresh back from yet another one of my holidays,it's a hard life you know.Tanned,rejuvenated and ready for some sadistic mischief!
Rubbered up North is back at Partners in Bury this weekend..I'm sure I could try and fit that into my agenda!You know I don't like to pass up on the opportunity of a party,plus it will be nice to see all the Manchester Dungeon crew.
Speaking of The Manchester Dungeon,I will be heading over there tomorrow to have a spot of lunch with my good friend Mistress Julia,so a nice catch up and a good old bitch should be the order of the day one thinks :)
Ears burning anyone??
There's nothing nicer than the smell of burning flesh!!

Anyway if you are feeling lucky and you fancy your chances at booking an appointment to see me,then do by all means try and get through to me by ringing
tel:07752 193801

Princess Anuska