Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Hi all,
Just to let you know I have written a blog on my UK MISTRESS KIDNAP site as tonight I have been in Leeds having some fun with yet another kidnap victim!As in my usual unpredictable/alternative style that you must be accostomed too by now I had him doing some unusual tasks for me that for some reason got him out of the mindset and the reason why he had been abducted..fool!People ought to know by now that you never know when anyone has an unterior motive for their actions..n matter how genuine they may seem!Anyway jog on because iv'e got work to do so have a look at my blog then you will be able to see what it was I made him do!
Sleep well everyone..
Sadistic Princess Anuska.
email me at mistressanuska@hotmail.co.uk
tel:07772 308063

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Hey all,
Hope you are all having a good morning/afternoon!To see what I got up to last night then visit my Kidnap site www.ukmistresskidnap.com
If you have a look on my new blog page on there you can see my ides of aa good Friday nights entertainment!For some of us anyway!LOL!
Club Smack tonight remember!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Yes people I'm back!
I will be heading down to London again tomorrow for yet another weekend of chaos..Princess style of course!I wonder who or what character or persona I will adopt this week?LOL!It's great and I'm loving it!Although I must admit, sometimes I do start to take on the new roles a little too seriously..now now don't be shocked!Hard to believe I know but yes I can become a teeny bit obsessed..Ok it's taken me the best part of a week to get the idea out of my head that with or without the costume I am not Batgirl and I do not have super powers!I am no longer in denial!
The only thing is that I still havn't chosen my outfit for the Glamour Puss evening on Sat night at Club Rub so depending on what fetish outfit I choose this week may determine my next weeks alternative persona.Well let's all wait with baited breath there then!
O well,either way,persona or no persona,one thing is for sure..I don't have to try convincing myself that I am a Princess!!
Be good!
Be bad!
Do what the f**K you want!
But make sure you get my permission first!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Princess Dragon Cloud! (MISTRESS ANUSKA)

Hi all,
Just to follow on my tour of the London Fetish Club scene I will be attending the Club Smack this weekend on Sat night.It should prove to be another good one and of course come up and make yourself known to me if you have the balls!All I have to do now is pick my outfit!Talking of Clubs if you read Hogspy you will see that the hot gossip of the week is that there are rumours that Super Domme may be hosting a new event..One of which I must say I will definately be attending but I will keep you posted on any news of that!Also keep checking the Super Domme site for updates and news of any forthcoming events.
In the mean time I must say I have found it slightly hard to get back into the swing of things after the weekend.I think it may be down to the fact that I have had to put aside my Batgirl outfit as crime round these areas has suddenly hit an all time low.Maybe my superpowers have gone along with it!There is only one thing to do which would be to transport myself back into Princess Land where things are definately alot more..RANDOM!I'll let you see an example..
Once upon a time not so long ago I was sitting in my Princess kitchen and looking out into my beautiful Princess Garden,I was on the phone with one of my special friends when suddenly out of nowhere I saw a cloud,this was a special cloud that caught my eye immediately,I had never seen one like it before,a dragon cloud!A Princess Dragon cloud!I was so excited I ran and took a picture of it..so take a close look at it and see if you can see my Princess Dragon cloud..if not then either I have completely lost it or you need to get yourself down to Specsavers!!
Till the next time..
Be good!
Mistress/Princess Anuska
P.s I put in one last pic of yours truly in her BATGIRL costume as I walked down the red carpet into Club Rub last Sat night!
I miss you BATGIRL!See you soon I hope...

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Hi all,
Yes I woke up this morning my cape,mask and outfit had gone!O well I guess i'll just be wearing the pvc boots on their own again today!
I'll blog later!
Be good!
Sadistic Princess Anuska.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

DID YOU GET BATTERED AT CLUB RUB? (Mistress/Princess Anuska)

Hi all..
Yes the identity of Batgirl was uncovered at Club Rub last night!Yours truly made her first appearance at the London Fetish Club amongst an array of fellow superheroes,villains and movie stars..Catwoman was there,Spiderman,Lara Croft,Marilyn Monroe..the list was endless and it was a great night!I had the opportunity to catch up with some familiar faces from both past and present..Liz one of the sluttiest maids I know met me down there with Slave Chris,both of which have had the honour of appearing for me in some of my own various film productions,Chris as always knew his place and was on hand whenever my feet required a footstool.Everyone had a good night and I want to just say a big thankyou to Paul and Zara for providing the Batmobility to and from the club and it was lovely to finally meet Kim who runs Rub.For anyone thinking of trying new places on The London Fetish Scene then I would definately recommend Club Rub!
So after another night of hard work for Batgirl,I can safely say that she will be making an appearance again somewhere soon,near you,and in the not so distant future..
Be good citizens!!
See pix from the actual night on the Club Rub site and I'll post all photographer details on my next blog..
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka Batgirl.
P.s I'll leave you some pictures from my personal Batgirl album!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

UK Mistress Kidnap?Princess Anuska?Find out at Club Rub Tomorrow!

Ok I am all excited because i've sorted my outfit for tomorrows theme night at Club Rub in London.The theme is movie stars..there were three ideas that I was toying with but I have now made my final choice and YES I DID PHONE A FRIEND!Anyway I'm obviously not going to tell you what it is so you can either come down for the night and see for yourself,or you can take the boring or downright lazy option and wait until I decide to post some photos.
So for those who are coming along I will see you soon and for those who arn't well..unlucky!!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.
P.S That's not the outfit that I am wearing tomorrow!I just found the pic and thought I would toss it in anyway..I think I may have been having one of my Princess Dressing up days..Er..well..just like the other 364 days a year for me then!!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Yes all!
I was back in Huddersfield at the Yorkshire Dungeon again today and I will be available for appointments up until Thursday.I have postponed my trip to London tomorrow but I will now be going down early Friday if any one would like me to squeeze them in for an appointment.I'll be honest I haven't got much to say so I am not going to..Your Princess is in a bad mood and I am going out now to see if I can cause some havoc somewhere!..Why???Er because I can!!!
Be good!!
Someone has to!!
Oh yes I will keep reminding you CLUB RUB on Sat!Although the Sadistic mood I am in right now I wouldn't advise you to approach me!

Monday, 11 August 2008


Hi all,well I had to tend to another foolish individual today but I will let you have a read of that on my other blog on my Sadistic Princess site www.princessanuska.net..
Well I will be back in Huddersfield tomorrow for sessions so wait at the door quietly and knock before you enter and if your lucky I may let you in!New pictures from today can be found on the Sadistic site both in my personal gallery and also the naughty boy who was punished is ashamedly featured to remember his punishment in my slave gallery!Ooh I feel a kidnap maybe on the cards come Wednesday!
Stay safe and be good!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.


Hi all,
I will be in Huddersfield today and tomorrow and then I will be once again back in London on Wednesday.Just a little word of warning that I am in one of my sadistic moods so this week and I will be taking hostages so beware!UK Mistress Kidnap is everywhere so remember don't underestimate me..after all it could be you!
Anyway..I will be heading down for the first time to Club Rub this Sat night if anyone dares to come and speak with me..that should be fun!
Be good!
Mistress/Princess Anuska

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Just a quick announcement to see if any slaves are free tomorrow as I had to change my filming day to tomorrow which will be Sunday,I have a few but the more the merrier for me so if you want a good kicking,your balls busting,torturing,bitch slapped or anything else on my list of specialities then get in touch asap and I will see if you are worth it or not!Txt me and if I don't answer my phone and I will get back as soon as I'm free!
After all you wouldn't want your Princess to have to end up taking pictures and videos of herself now would you?We all know that would never happen!LOL!
....anyway!don't answer that just get back to me about tomorrow!
Mistress/Princess Anuska
UK Mistress Kidnap.
07772 308063

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Evening all,
Just to remind you how I treat naughty boys!It really doesn't matter how old you are or how big you think you are!I will have you over my knee and I will spank you with my hand till your arse is burning,then whether I decide if further punishment is needed I may decide to lash you with my cane,or take to you with one of my favourite whips.You will report to me if you require discipline!
Let this be a lesson!
Be good!
Mistress Anuska

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Evening all,
Well all in a good days work and I feel extremely pleased with myself now,I had a reasonable trip down to London..REASONABLY SHIT!I know it's only a minor issue to you maybe but when I got on the train I noticed that there were no plug points so that mean't I couldn't use my laptop!Well I'm sorry but that is NOT acceptable!Not for a Princess anyway!So I came down having not been able to do any work on my computer which made me quite annoyed and frustrated to be honest.Luckily I was then picked up in true Princess style from the station and yes I did have a quick browse round a few shops..come on you know me and I just can't help myself when it comes to shopping.Still feeling a little aggravated by the socketless train I was made to travel on the slave who picked me up unfortunately got the brunt end of my anger so I thought I would let you have a look at what happens when your Princess turns Sadistic.
Let this be a warning to all you naughty boys!
This could be you!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.
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Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Hi all!
Just to let you know that I will be heading off to London again in the morning but I have plans to be back up in Yorkshire on Thursday.Well I say Yorkshire..I will actually be heading over to The Manchester Dungeon as I have a few appointments booked in.If any one does require a session on Thursday in Manchester at the Manchester Dungeon then do ring me directly and if your lucky you will get to speak to me,if not then do leave me a message or send me a text.
Well I am planning to do some shopping again tomorrow when in London,I am expanding my rubber collection and have just ordered some new toys so do be warned that if you are coming to see me you may very well be used as one of my guinea pigs!Can't see many of you saying no to that!then again you wouldn't dare say no to me anyway!LOL!
Filming on Saturday in Huddersfield will be all day so for those who are coming then do be prepared for some hard work,play and most importantly a day to remember with your Mistress/Princess!
My UK MISTRESS KIDNAP site and my SADISTIC PRINCESS site are stll under con struction and are being updated daily but do bear in mind that ultimately I am a Princess not a web designer!
Anyway I am planning on going to Club Rub a week on Sat so if anyone wants the chance to kneel before me then join the queue and remember your place!
Anyway I know i've already said it but Sat night was a great night at Subversion and I do recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going in the near future.Definately not one to miss and again a big thankyou to Mistress Absolute for hosting such a good event.Everyone had a top night,even the guy that I made life a little hard for when he tried to pester me to clean my rubber boots!I let him in the end after making him wait until I was ready!LOL!as it should be!I made him suffer some of the Princess's verbal abuse for a bit but hey what can I say he took it LIKE A BITCH!!
Till the next time my slaves,sluts,whores and bitches..Be good!
cos I won't!!
Sadistic Princess Anuska.

Monday, 4 August 2008


Well having only just got home after my extra long weekend of parties and a kink fest of my own I may have to take a little time to recover!Ok I'll manage I guess so I'll be in Huddersfield today(Tuesday),London again on Wed and it looks like I will be heading to Manchester on Thursday.Ooh it's great being a Princess!
Also I think there may be love in the air for my good friend Master Charles,I take it you remember him from his early days at The Manchester Dungeon..?
..anyway I have eventually found him a rather attractive submissive little bitch of whom I know he will be able to dominate as soon as they set eyes on each other.Her name is Dolce and she seems quite classy,I can't see that lasting for long in the hands of the Master himself!Time for some new attire for the Master then!
I'll post some pics as soon as I get chance..
For now though I'm going to bed to catch up and remember I need a few more slaves for this Sat filming day.
Mistress/Princess Anuska.
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Sunday, 3 August 2008

SUBVERSION! by Mistress/Princess Anuska

Morning all!

Princess Anuska has been naughty and I've just got in from last nights Subversion in London!All I can say is what a great night I had!It was the first time I had been and I will definately be going again.I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time the stunning Mistress Absolute of whom amongst other things runs the club and it was great to catch up with Lady K of whom I hadn't seen in ages and will be hopefully meeting up with at the next club Pedestal if not before in Sept.I had a few pics taken,strangely enough in the toilets..hmm I am starting to wonder if toilet fetish may be or should be top of the list as one of my main services,either that or it must be the fact I take a good bog shot!

...anyway!moving swiftly on everyone,by the looks of it had a good time and you will be able to see my pictures shortly on the clubs website and I think there will be some on the London fetish scene site too.

I thought I would write a quicky as I havn't been to bed yet!Well as I have said before I am a Princess so I do what I want!I'm going to get some sleep now anyway..

p.s I have a day of filming in Huddersfield next week on Sat where I will be requiring slaves who can take a good ballbusting session,caning,whipping,handspanking,trampling and a couple of human ashtrays.Send me an email if you think you you may be suitable to serve me on this day and also give me a good reason why I should really even consider letting you!

I will be in Huddersfield tomorrow and up until Wed if anyone may require a session,I will be then be in London again this Thursday..see my other sites for details and contact information!

Mistress/Sadistic Princess Anuska.