Thursday, 31 July 2008 by PRINCESS ANUSKA


It is 5.09am and the Sadistic Princess has been woken up by the thunder and lightening!Anyway I am getting my websites and my new kidnap site sorted and watch out for another site I am doing at the moment too!Your Princess is so busy and tired too right now but make sure you check ALL my pictures on the new kidnap site as when I put my gallery up earlier there seemed to be a sudden influx of calls and inquiries through on my mobile..I guess some of you like one or two of them then?oh good I suppose it is better than none at all!LOL!..anyway Princess is going to pleeps again now and don't forget to check out my UK Mistress Kidnap site for my new pix!

Sadistic Princess Anuska.

P.S for those who saw my photos on the uk mistress kidnap site and straight away made definite arrangements for the weekend in London,remember that I am the Princess and I always get what I want!You know who you are and the Princess may be a little excited at the thought of being in London,Shopping,The Fetish Clubs,Shopping..Anyway I think I am going to have some crazy,sadistic Princess fun this weekend!!Bring it on!!

Sadistic Pri....ok whatever..!

Goodnight and good morning!

Stay kinky!

Oh yes!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Princess Anuska in Rubber Boots!


Am knackered so I will make it quick!

My new rubber boots have arrived!I think I am starting to get obsessed by rubber!Thigh length black rubber boots..I feel a photoshoot coming on!Any rubber pervs out there want to join me?Well form an orderly queue on your knees of course and think kink because I am organising a photo session that will be my newest rubber attire and I will be requiring human props for the day!I will let you know the date tomorrow so before you get overkeen and start pestering me..wait until tomorrows blog and I will make a formal invite to anyone who desperately wants to spend the day with me..and my rubber of course!

Eager?Oh yes you are!

Your Sadistic Princess Anuska.

Monday, 28 July 2008


Evening or morning as the case may be!

I will be in the Huddersfield today which is Tuesday..I think!I will be available for sessions although I am almost fully booked up..So if anyone wants kidnapping,held hostage,wants to clean my boots,become a pony for the day or can think of any other way of amusing me then do ring me and I will consider letting you entertain me for a while..If you are lucky!Ooh I really am enjoying this whole new Princess role,not like I couldn't get away with everything before but now I just really do what I want..when I want!NOTHING NEW THERE THEN!

Well not much to tell as my brain is starting to freeze over right now..Ok let me think..I put a new picture on my Sadistic Princess site so have a look in the Princess Gallery and see if you can spot it and more to the point have a good old perv at it!I got bored with everyone today so I decided to amuse myself by posing and taking pics of myself..well..why not?If you were me you would so don't try and deny it!Anyway it's a little picture of me..yes Your Princess..just being er well me..ya know Princessy!...anyway I wasn't in a Sadistic mood when I took the pic so tough s**t to anyone that was expecting a violent picture of me burning someone or something!Live in hope because you never know when Your Princess Anuska will turn..BE AFRAID!!

Anyway...I will be clubbing at the weekend in London!!Subversion and a kink fest!Oh go on then it would be rude not to!As always if you have the bollocks to come and politely introduce yourself The Princess will acknowledge you..maybe..!

Ok I am bored now so I'm off to do Princess things so till the next time..

Remember your place slave!

Your Sadistic Princess Anuska.


Good morning all..

Well just a quick extra blog to let you all know that myself Princess Anuska and my fellow Huddersfield Mistress Athena will be extending our Kidnap and Abduction services to cover a range of different and unique areas..Keep an eye out for our new site which will give you ideas on how,where and when we can plan and execute your fantasy abduction.The site is under construction at present but you can still access it and it will be updated regularly to keep you informed on our tributes,availability and locations,along with photo stories and accounts of our victims torture and interrogations.

Mistress/Princess Anuska.

07772 308063

(Sadistic Princess)

Sunday, 27 July 2008


Servants,slaves..whatever you are...whoever you are..

I am here!Yes your Princess will be in Huddersfield tomorrow,Tuesday and Wednesday where I will be available for sessions.My Princess site is coming along nicely and has a new address where you can find more pictures,listings and my scheduled personal appearances!What more could you ask for ay?

Anyway!whilst in London on one of my usual shopping adventures,I dragged one of my slaves along to one of my favourite fetish shops Honour.Ooh I do love it in there!(p.s I am a small if any one needs to know for future reference when thinking of buying your Princess a gift!..ahem hint hint!)..anyway!back to what I was saying which was when I was in Honour I had bought for me some rather nice black rubber skin tight trousers that I must say would make anyone want to get on their knees and kiss my arse..Believe me I definately would if I could but that's what you are there for isn't it!LOL!..YOU WISH!!While I let you ponder on that thought of my pert royal arse in tight rubber you will be pleased to know I have also acquired at long last my red rubber nurses outfit/dress!Two stunningly amazing rubber outfits in as many days..ooh I really am spoilt!Well that goes without saying doesn't it..I am Princess Anuska after all and I always get what I want in the end!LOL!

If you want to see more of your Princess then visit where you will find my contact details,session details and a whole lot more..

Now fall to your knees and bow your heads while I leave you with your perverted thoughts as I have sadistic things to do..

Be good!

Princess Anuska

(Sadistic Princess)

Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Manchester Dungeon Princess Anuska

Hi all!

Back again to remind you to all have a look at my new site

I have got new pictures on my slave gallery where your Sadistic Princess Anuska will keep you updated with all my daily mischiefs and mayhem!Just back from my extended trip to London so if you are wanting sessions in Huddersfield,Manchester or London then book now to avoid disappointment!

Oh yes I am back!

Anyway enjoy my new site and new pix tomorrow!

Princess Anuska.

07772 308063

see my new site for email and contact details..

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


A warm welcome to you all!

Well the Princess is definately here..and there..and everywhere at the moment!!

I had a great day visiting everyone yesterday at The Manchester Dungeon..Yes it's true I can't stay away from the place and have missed it loads so I am pleased (as I am sure you all are!) to say that I will be coming over to Manchester on the odd day by appointment only to session from The Manchester Dungeon.

The Princess tour continues up and down the country starting with London tomorrow(Wed) and all day Thursday.The Manchester Dungeon on Friday then Huddersfield for the weekend.

Anyway!!My Sadistic Princess site is still under construction and I have added the new Slave gallery where if you are good and prove your worth will appear on for my amusement and entertainment!Only my best slaves will appear on there so if you wish to be added to my slave hall of shame then prove yourself,beg me and I may consider..If you are lucky!Very lucky!

Anyway I must now depart but for now stay on your knees until the Princess has left the room!

Mistress/Princess Anuska

07772 308063


Hi all,

Well I have lots to tell you but at the moment I am trying to organise my trip down to London.I will be heading down this evening and will be staying until late on Thurs.Shopping for most of Wed and I am determined to pick up the items I didn't get the last time I was there!Anyway I had a really good day yesterday of which I will tell you all about later today!Lets just say that old habits die hard and for all those who have missed me then bow your heads..THE PRINCESS IS HERE!

Mistress/Princess Anuska.

07772 308063

Saturday, 19 July 2008


Hi all!

Well as I like to keep you all guessing I may as well let you all know that as of Monday I have kindly been given the opportunity of being a regular Mistress at the much closer Yorkshire Dungeon.At the moment my premises have fallen behind schedule which is of course a pain in the arse but with all you desperate and frustrated servants of mine begging me for my precious time,I am sure that you will be good little boys and girls and follow me to wherever I am or wherever I am going.I must admit after today I can honestly say that I was more than a little impressed being the first time inside The Yorkshire Dungeon!Both Mistress Jay and Mistress Athena are even more stunning in the flesh so believe me when I say my day was quite overwhelming would be somewhat of an understatement!then to top it off I had the privilege of doing a double session with Mistress Athena!...oh yes BALLBUSTING,TORTURE and HUMILIATION!Get on your knees..The Sadistic Princess is here!

Good night!

Mistress/Sadistic Princess Anuska.

Click Here for my new Sadistic princess site..Enjoy!

07772 308063

Friday, 18 July 2008


Hello all,

Well I am finally back from my extended midweek trip to London.My trip this time was extremely pleasurable and to be truthful I was a little reluctant to come back.It was good to see those who did manage to get a booking in and to those who are having to wait until next week then remember that all good things come to those who wait!As always it was also good to see and catch up with Madam Astrid whom of which I must say is looking very well at the moment.

My shopping trip didn't go as well as I had planned due to the typically horrid British weather which I think maybe noticing a little more than normal due to the fact I had just spent a week in the baking hot sunshine whilst abroad.I did have bought for me a few little items but due me being in demand and having certain slaves needing a little extra attention I had to cut short my shopping trip..slip on my pvc boots,hotpants and top for some private training and Princess guidance.

Anyway my new site is up for you all to look at and for those nosy twats wanting to know why I've suddenly adopted the name Princess?Then maybe I should put your inquisive little minds at ease and let you all into a secret..

I AM A PRINCESS..I ALWAYS HAVE BEEN A PRINCESS..AND I ALWAYS WILL BE A PRINCESS!!........anyway........I do hope that does simply and quite straight forwardly answer any questions there have been or may have been in the coming future..

Click Here to see more of me the Sadistic Princess Anuska on my own personal site.

Well I am going now as I have other things to fill my life with..Sleep being one!

Oh yes and log into my blog tomorrow as I should have some more details to tell you on the things I mentioned in yesterdays Huddersfield premises and my newest dungeon venture!


You will be!!

So for now it's bye bye from me..

Princess Anuska the Sadistic Princess.

07772 308063

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Hey all,

Yes I am back!I take it you have all missed me!Well I've got so much to tell you and I bet you have all been waiting to see what my plans are and what I have been up to!There have been some changes to do with my premises in Huddersfield,also news about a new dungeon that I will be taking on and available for sessions at..It's a good job I had a break as it has been non stop since the day I got back!Anyway..I'm going to leave it there as I am in London tonight and I have to be up in the morning as I am shopping with one of my favourite London sluts Lee!I may have time to call past a few fetish shops myself as a new outfit or three always goes down well with you perverts!I will be in London till late tomorrow afternoon so if you are desperate to see me and can't wait till next week then ring me and if I feel you deserve a little bit of my time then I will consider seeing you..then again I am shopping will have to make it good!

Oh and by the way,just some other news for you all,in case you were wondering when the Princess was thinking of making an official royal entrance then wonder no more!In my first blog since returning from my productive last minute trip abroad I am pleased to announce that at last your Princess has arrived!Yes your one and only Sadistic Princess Anuska!The site is still under construction as we speak so if you would like a nosy of what is to come then Click Here
This site has been created by myself and will be run and updated solely by me so if you have any queries you need to ask then do so by filling in the contact sheet found on the site.

Mistress/Princess Anuska

07772 308063

Monday, 7 July 2008


Hi all!

Well my bags have been packed and before I set off I thought I would say that while you are all missing me I will be topping up my tan!O well life's hard!LOL!I don't care anyway..I deserve it!ANYWAY...You will only have to wait a week and then I will be back and believe me I've got some things in store for you!Intrigued?You should be!So while I leave you all to ponder on what these things are I have got a plane to catch so I bid you farewell.Try not to miss me too much and I will see some of you next Tues!Hmm..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Bye Bye Now!

Mistress Anuska.

07772 308063

P.s I have left you some new galleries to perv over whilst I am away!Happy w**king!

Thursday, 3 July 2008



Just a quick one because I am not in the mood to waffle!Lucky twats!I have sorted my galleries out and my webslave assures me that they will be ready and on my site no later than Sunday!There will be the new June pictures,Fetishnurse gallery,A Footfetish Gallery with some archive pictures from my early years,plus more pictures being put into the Smoking gallery.O yes and a new gallery which I will let you find yourselves,the reason behind this certain gallery is because I was getting numerous people asking why over the years I have never had my picture taken with one...ANYWAY!I am not going to give you any more cryptic clues because I do have better things to do than entertain you all night so this little Princess is off to bed!

Mistress/Princess Anuska.

07772 308063

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Yes folks I am being whisked abroad!I will be jetsetting off for a well earned break this Monday 7th of July.I will be away for 7 days from which I will be rejuvenated,relaxed and ready to kick some peasant ass!Obviously I realise those who have been dying to see me will have to wait a little longer but remember that all things good come to those who wait!My premises in Huddersfield are from what I have been informed almost ready,so I will be inspecting them prior to me going away and I expect will be ready for the start of my sessions on Tuesday the 15th.Do email me or send a text as I will not be available to take your calls over the given period due to obvious reasons!ANYWAY..

I have got a few appointments left for Friday in London so do feel free to ring me on my mobile to secure an appointment.If you can't get through to speak directly with me and it is urgent then send me a text and I will do my best to reply to you as soon as I become available.

Be good..Leave the BAD to me!I do it so well!

Mistress/Princess Anuska.