Monday, 28 July 2008


Evening or morning as the case may be!

I will be in the Huddersfield today which is Tuesday..I think!I will be available for sessions although I am almost fully booked up..So if anyone wants kidnapping,held hostage,wants to clean my boots,become a pony for the day or can think of any other way of amusing me then do ring me and I will consider letting you entertain me for a while..If you are lucky!Ooh I really am enjoying this whole new Princess role,not like I couldn't get away with everything before but now I just really do what I want..when I want!NOTHING NEW THERE THEN!

Well not much to tell as my brain is starting to freeze over right now..Ok let me think..I put a new picture on my Sadistic Princess site so have a look in the Princess Gallery and see if you can spot it and more to the point have a good old perv at it!I got bored with everyone today so I decided to amuse myself by posing and taking pics of myself..well..why not?If you were me you would so don't try and deny it!Anyway it's a little picture of me..yes Your Princess..just being er well me..ya know Princessy!...anyway I wasn't in a Sadistic mood when I took the pic so tough s**t to anyone that was expecting a violent picture of me burning someone or something!Live in hope because you never know when Your Princess Anuska will turn..BE AFRAID!!

Anyway...I will be clubbing at the weekend in London!!Subversion and a kink fest!Oh go on then it would be rude not to!As always if you have the bollocks to come and politely introduce yourself The Princess will acknowledge you..maybe..!

Ok I am bored now so I'm off to do Princess things so till the next time..

Remember your place slave!

Your Sadistic Princess Anuska.