Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Well your UK Mistress Kidnap has just got back from another successful kidnap/abduction,once again it all began earlier this evening at a bar in Leeds..but that is all I am going to tell you right now..but believe me it's not over for my victim yet..I will be going back to suprise him again in the morning!lol!
Well you know me,I tend not to be as predictable as some people like to think,like I've said before you would be very foolish if you decided to underestimate me..sleep wellxx
Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.

Monday, 29 December 2008


Well with Christmas over and just the roll up to the new year looming ever closer I can honestly say thank f**k for that!!
Not a moment too soon as far as I am concerned and so long to 2008!!Well I am starting my new year off at The Manchester Dungeon,I can't think of a better way to begin my year than being somewhere that actually when I do go,makes me feel..quite normal!That says it all really..so as from the 2nd of Jan I will be available exclusively at The Manchester Dungeon right up until the 11th of Jan..
So with those dates firmly embedded in your diaries and the realisation that The Princess is soon to be coming to Dungeon near you,there is only one more thing to say..
CAN EVERYONE PLEASE form an orderly queue!!
Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.
P.s you can also see me on My Space,You Tube and Facebook..seek and ye shall find people!!
PHOTO 1..This fantastic greeting card was made by the website LatexgirlsHD!!Check out the site as there have been features about yours truly and there is a video you can now download off the site featuring..yes..you guessed it..MOI!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Hello all!
Well I imagine you all would want a good kiss of my ass but instead make do with the Princess wishing you all a good Christmas and a happy new year!!
Big plans in 2009 for me people and I look forward to another challenging and successful year ahead!!
See you all soon..xx
Princess Anuska.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Hi all,
Well I have been busy,with the run up to Christmas all you needy little slaves seem to be needing more and more attention from the Princess!No rest for the wicked as they say!I have had alot of response to the ad I put out for the female submissive but I am yet to find one that will be able to conform to my required standards(and I don't see that I am am setting my sights too high!lol!).So my quest continues to find a suitable candidate,but you know the Princess deserves only the best!so no matter how long it takes I will not settle for anything less.So if you think that you may be able to submit to my needs then do email me at princessanuska@hotmail.com and hope that you will indeed be successful in coming to serve the Princess on a regular basis.Good luck!
Check out all my new galleries on my Princess Anuska site.
For up to date info on my latest goings on in the Kidnap world of UK Mistress Kidnap then do visit my Kidnap and Abduction site.
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


Hi all,
Just to let you know that I will be available tomorrow(Friday) at The Manchester Dungeon so do ring either myself although you might be lucky to get through!or ring the Manchester Dungeon itself and speak with Mistress Julia to book in or to check my available times.I will be there from around 11am onwards till late afternoon or early evening.
See you soon!
Mistress/Princess Anuska.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Good evening all!
Yes this weekend will see the event "Kinky in Leeds"..I missed the last one and as I am used to travelling South for all of the major fetish events it will be a nice refreshing change to have this event practically on my doorstep!This will of course be an added bonus for the Princess as you all know how yours truly likes to let her hair down!lol!Also whilst we are on the subject of fetish nites you will all remember my near tragic evening trying to make it down to Club Pedestal a few weeks ago,the train got stuck with the Princess onboard for 2 hours making me devilishly late and thinking that I wouldn't make it at all..obviously I did because well..I am the Princess!lol!
Anyway you can see the pictures from that night at Pedestal by clicking HERE
If you want to find out more about this Saturdays fetish event in Leeds click HERE
Anyway time for me to go..
Be good!!
Mistress/Princess Anuska aka UK Mistress Kidnap.